How To Get Pregnant After Abortion: Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Abortion

For some reason or the other, a woman by herself or a couple may decide to go in for a medical termination of pregnancy. An abortion induces physical stress on the body. A woman needs time to recover and recuperate from this situation before she can consider having a baby. Following a few simple guidelines ensures safe pregnancy after an abortion.

Resting and Recuperating After An Abortion:

When a woman conceives there are pregnancy hormones circulating in her body. After an abortion, these remain present and it might take anything from 6 months to two years for the woman's body to return to a stable hormonal state. Her periods may vary, the amount of bleeding may vary and other symptoms persist until the woman becomes normal. It is advisable for a woman to have a check up to ensure that she is recuperating well and there are no abnormalities before she considers conception. Until she does return to a mentally and physically normal state of health, it is always wise to have safe sex as conception close to an abortion may pose problems.

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Medical Exam After Abortion and Before Pregnancy:

If a woman is thinking of becoming pregnant again after an abortion, she should first have a thorough medical examination to ensure that she is healing perfectly, the cervix has closed and there are no infections in her uterus or vagina. If there are some tissues still left after the abortion, she may need D&C.

Safeguard health and revive physically:

After an abortion, she should preferably take some basic steps to safeguard her health. These steps include a healthy, nutritious diet with plenty of rest, relaxation and sleep. She would have to take antibiotics as prescribed by her doctor for the prescribed period. After an abortion, a woman should not engage in swimming or any strenuous activity like lifting weights. Avoid inserting tampons or use of a douche. Since ovulation can occur two weeks after abortion, she can become pregnant so it is best to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least a month to two until healing is complete and even then engage only in safe or alternative sex. If a woman has had an abortion after 8 or 9 weeks of conception, she may begin lactating but this phase will eventually pass so there is nothing to be unduly concerned about. A close fit bra helps. Take care to avoid infections.

Try again and conceive happily:

Once recovery is complete in all respects the couple can safely decide to have a baby. A doctor can advise when it is safe. When a woman wants to conceive, a healthy and nutritious diet along with vitamins, folic acid and supplements is necessary. She should also refrain from smoking and drinking and should reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks. Light to moderate physical exercises revitalize not only muscle tissues but also internal organs. She can resume normal and frequent intercourse using positions that are more conducive for conception. A break in between can be beneficial in the man being able to increase his sperm count and therefore the chances of impregnation.

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I sometimes hear from women who try to gauge their ovulation using their period as a reference point. But this method can become problematic when their period doesn't occur regularly or skips a month. This is especially true if they are trying to deliberating conceive at a certain time around their ovulation day in an attempt to get a girl or boy baby.

I heard from someone who said: "my husband and I really want a boy baby. I know that it's important for me to conceive after ovulation and I'm trying to that. Unfortunately though, I don't always have a regular period. In fact, sometimes my periods skip a month. So, for the times that I do skip a month, when would I ovulate? I know that when I have a regular period, then I would suspect ovulation two weeks after that. But what can I assume on the months that I don't have a period? Do I just count two weeks from my missed period?" I'll try to address these questions in the following article.

Why It Can Be A Mistake To Always Assume Ovulation Two Weeks After An Undeniable Menstrual Period: Many women begin to look for ovulation two weeks after their normal period. I think that people do this because this is what their mother's or grandmother's taught them and also because this is an easy method. After all, a regular period is pretty hard to miss or ignore. But, the problem with this can be that not every one ovulates two weeks later. In fact, ovulation can vary greatly from woman to woman and from month to month.

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Figuring Out Your Ovulation Day In The Absence Of A Regular Period: What happens if you don't have any period as your point of reference for one particular month? What then? I would argue that there's a preferable way to proceed during any month that you are trying to conceive, and this is true whether you're seeing a period or not. Using an ovulation predictor is far superior and more reliable than using your period as a reference point. These predictors have nothing to do with your menstrual cycle. They measure changes in your hormones which indicate that ovulation has already occurred (in the case of the urine ovulation models) or they tell you when it's approaching and then when it occurs (as is the case for saliva predictors.)

Women can actually ovulate during months when they aren't seeing a period. Women can also ovulate at any time during the month. Most do ovulate somewhere around the mid way point, but not all do. So while I couldn't tell this woman exactly when she would ovulate during any month that she skipped her period, I could tell her how she could test this to determine this with certainty on her own. She could simply test herself on a daily basis and that way she would know for sure. The saliva testers are reusable so that testing on a daily basis is extremely cost effective and easy. You just take a saliva sample, read the results, and repeat the process the next day until you get a positive. And when you get a positive, that be when you ovulate regardless of whether you have a period during that month or not.

Now, in this instance, the woman was trying for a boy baby. So, when she got a positive indicating that ovulation has already happened (with or without a menstrual cycle for that month) she should conceive after that, making sure that her PH was alkaline and using deep penetration during intercourse as all of these things favor becoming pregnant with a boy baby. For women who want a girl, they should conceive once they see that ovulation is approaching but hasn't yet occurred. And they would want to be acidic instead of alkaline while using shallow penetration.

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I sometimes hear from different groups of people who very much want to know the answer to this question. Typically, I either hear from parents of boy babies who want to have a girl this time around (or at least want to have a daughter before their baby making years are up.) Or, I hear from parents of girls who want to change whatever is making them conceive girls so that they can now have a boy.

An example of the types of comments is something like this: "I have had two girls. So I seem to be more prone to conceiving girls. My mom also had two girls but she eventually got a son. I'm wondering what makes the women in my family more likely to have girls and is there any thing that I can do to change this?"

Another example is: "I'm the only one in my small group of friends who doesn't have girls. I get so jealous when I see them buying the little dresses and bows. What makes them more likely to have a girl while I seem to be more likely to have a boy?" I believe that there are a couple of factors that can make a woman more likely to get a girl. I'll explain them below.

A Lucky Roll Of The Dice: OK, I'm only partially kidding. But if you do nothing to influence your baby's gender and don't have some tendency toward a certain vaginal PH (which I'll discuss more later,) then you have roughly equal odds of getting a boy or a girl. You have the same odds of a coin that you flipped landing on heads or tails. Or a die landing on red or black if you're playing a casino game. And yet, some people seem to have good luck with landing on the side of the coin (or the color in the casino) that they want. The point is, sometimes (if you're not trying to choose your baby's gender) it all comes down to luck.

Having An Acidic Vaginal PH Or Being Able To Achieve One: Now, let's move on to those women who do have an advantage or who are willing to create one. Having an acidic vaginal PH makes you more likely to get a girl because this state discourages boy sperm. And, as a result, if the boy sperm are discouraged, weakened and die off, then less of them can be present at conception. This means that there will no longer be those 50 / 50 odds. And this means your chances are better for a girl.

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Some women are naturally more acidic. And some are willing to use dieting, douching, or both to make it so. It doesn't matter if you are naturally at this state or you reach this state through artificial means (for conception only) as long as you do.

They Naturally Conceive Early In Their Cycle Or Are Willing To Do So By Careful Planning: Some women are born planners who want to do everything precisely right. And I notice that women like this have a tendency to want to conceive early in their fertility window to ensure that they don't miss a single opportunity to become pregnant. Women who fall into this category are a little more likely to get girls. Why? Because early conception favors the girl producing sperm which lives longer. Remember that boy sperm that didn't thrive in an acidic environment? Well, they also don't thrive for any long period of time no matter what environment they are in. So when you conceive early and before ovulation, you are forcing those boy sperm to have to wait for the egg. And many of them can not. So again, you are decreasing their numbers and lessening that 50 / 50 ratio even more.

Now, if you are not naturally a planner, you can begin testing your ovulation shortly after your period. Once you get some indication that ovulation is approaching (which is pretty easy with a saliva predictor) then you want to go ahead and conceive a few days before ovulation. This is another thing that makes you more likely to get a girl.

They Are Willing To Have Sex To Conceive Without An Orgasm: I know that this can be a touchy subject. But I can tell you that having an orgasm makes your vaginal PH more alkaline. So if you avoid orgasm and know that your PH is already acidic, then this is the best bet. And as much of a bummer as this is, if you want a girl it's best not to have an orgasm (for the woman) when you have sex. This is only true when you are trying to conceive. But if you are having sex to try to get pregnant, then it's best. Finally, shallow penetration makes a girl baby more likely if it gives the boy sperm further to travel and preys upon their short life span.

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If you are in the two week wait then you are probably torturing yourself about whether to pee on that stick. Perhaps it will show up early or perhaps you should wait a few days to be sure? Arrgh no wonder we go crazy! Well relax because this article will help you decide when to take a pregnancy test so that you'll get the best results.

First let's take a look at how pregnancy tests work. At home tests use urine to determine the level of hCG (human chorionic gonadoropin) in the body. This hormone is produced by the placenta pretty soon after the embryo embeds itself into the lining of your uterus. It builds up pretty quickly often doubling every few days. This hormone is also responsible for any pregnancy symptoms that you are likely to have.

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So if you test too early you might be pregnant but not have a great enough level of hCG to show up and so your test will show a negative.

Fertilityfriend recently did a study on the best DPO (day post ovulation) that women who were pregnant got their first positive pregnancy test and the average day was 13.6 DPO. In fact only 10% of pregnancy charts showed a positive by testing at 10 DPO or less which means that 90% of women who tested early had a false negative. Since HPT's are usually expensive it not only makes sense to wait to at least day 13 for the cost of the tests but also for your sanity because it can take an emotional toll when seeing a negative test if you are trying to conceive.

When you take your test you'll need to read the instructions on the box as some HPT's involve collecting your urine in a cup and either dipping the testing strip into it or placing a drop of your urine on the strip using a dropper. The more modern tests involve peeing on the stick as you try to get your urine on the indicator stick (and not on your hand).

Then it's just a matter of waiting the specified time limit to see if you get a positive or negative result while you sit with your fingers crossed hoping to see the result you desire. So hang in there wait until at least 13 or 14 DPO before you test and you'll see a much better indication if whether you are actually pregnant or not.

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