Attractive teeth are the first sign of beauty. It is very difficult to maintain the beauty of your teeth. The color of your teeth may fade as you go older. Consumption of alcohol, intake of medicines and ageing are the major reasons for staining of your teeth. If you take a little care you can get rid of the discoloration of your teeth.
Here are certain tips to get pearly white teeth:
Brush and floss your teeth everyday. This will help in improving the color of your teeth. Ensure that you use the right tooth paste for brushing your teeth. You should use high quality tooth paste for brushing. Flossing your teeth on a regular basis will help to get rid of plaque.
You should also have dental checkups once in a while to get rid of the tooth discoloration. You ought to perform the cleansing procedures once in 6 months to remove the stains in your teeth completely.
Make sure that you avoid certain habits like smoking. Smoking will completely damage your oral hygiene and health. It is therefore very important to shun that habit completely.
Certain beverages like tea and coffee causes teeth staining. You should know this fact and avoid taking such beverages again. If you cannot shun the habit of taking beverages, make sure that you wash your mouth properly after taking them. Alcohol consumption will also result in tooth discoloration.
For improving the color of your teeth you can simply rub certain fruits like strawberries and lemon on your teeth. You can just smash those fruits and wipe it on your teeth to get good color.
Certain peels like orange peel and lemon peel also helps in improving the color of your teeth. Baking soda is yet another effective teeth whitener. A mixture of baking soda and common salt is an excellent combination for whitening your teeth. This provides long lasting and fine results. Completely avoid the use of mouth wash. They contain chemicals, which will destroy your oral health and hygiene. Drinking plenty of water will also help in cleaning your mouth. Water has the ability to wash out the stains from your teeth.
Try to include more fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. This will help in improving your oral health. Try to go for natural teeth whitening techniques to maintain your oral health and hygiene. Try to practice the above mentioned tips to get dazzling white teeth.
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