When you file a claim for a personal injury with your lawyer, you may notice that you can get compensation for many things – including some related to mental health.

Naturally, physical injuries are not everything that an accident, slip, and fall, or whatnot, come with. You can be affected in an emotional way, in such a manner that you may even develop PTSD.

As a matter of fact, the leading cause of PTSD in the USA are car accidents! Therefore, one might want to know how they can get over PTSD caused by a personal injury.
Well, keep on reading because this is exactly what we are going to talk about today!

PTSD Treatments

Traditionally, PTSD is treated with medication and psychotherapy. Both of these can treat the anxiety and depression that usually come with PTSD and can, overall, make you feel better over time.


Medication for PTSD comes in the form of antidepressants and anxiety drugs. However, given that most of these drugs are highly addictive, they are ideal for short-term use only.


In terms of psychotherapy, we have exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy – CBT. The latter is meant to teach PTSD patients how to properly identify and change their negative thought patterns.

On the other hand, exposure therapy helps the patient overcome their irrational fears – this is done via a controlled environment where the patient must confront the source of their PTSD.

These treatments do work but, if you’ve already been diagnosed with PTSD, chances are that you are already taking prescription meds and going to therapy.

However, there are some other ways that can help you cope with PTSD – they may sound a bit unconventional and perhaps weird, but they have been proven to help PTSD patients.

Mindfulness Meditation

This is a therapy program that comes with several options, such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, mindfulness-based exposure therapy, meditation-relaxation, and mantram repetition practice.

All of the above target specific areas of PTSD behavior so that a patient can choose the therapy fit to the characteristics of their PTSD.

Regaining Focus Through Physical Activity

Many people claim that they got over personal injury PTSD and overall coped with its symptoms by finding an enjoyable physical activity that they can perform on a daily basis.

This is because, by performing a certain task or activity, you free your mind of everything that surrounds you and focus on one single thing.

The Bottom Line

Personal injury PTSD can indeed be something dreadful to live with. Just like most soldiers, we have to relive the same moment, over and over again, until we manage to get over PTSD.

However, given modern medicine and therapy, we now have more than just drugs and psychotherapy to help us manage and deal with PTSD and similar afflictions. We can meditate, engage in aromatherapy, art therapy, or even enjoy the company of a PTSD pet.

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