Everyone wants more traffic on the internet. That is another way of saying they want more attention, or they want to get more views their web page. If you do not have much money, but you do have a lot of time on your hands, content syndication is an effective strategy that you can use to get more views.
In order for content syndication to work most effectively to get more views, you must first create your content. I recommend starting with a short 250-500 word article since the majority of the content on the internet consists of articles.
You can write the article yourself, or outsource this task rather cheaply through a site like elance.com or guru.com.
Once you have your article created, the obvious place to submit it first is an article directory.
Be sure to always include an anchor text link back to your main web page, using your primary keyword.
The next step is to get more views is with content syndication is to take that article content and create a blog post. There it will get pinged and social bookmarked automatically with the proper use of plug-ins.
Regardless of which web page you are promoting to get more views, having your own self-hosted blog will be a great benefit in the content syndication process.
Next take your article summary and create an email linking back to your full article on your blog. Email it out to your list.
Next, take that same article content and create a video and submit it to video content sites like youtube.com. Your video does not have to be long, and you do not have to be on camera if you are not comfortable doing that.
Just make a short two minute video using a power point presentation. Be sure to link to your website.
Next take that same content and create a podcast and submit it to podcast sharing sites like podbean.com.
You can also create a press release. If you do not have a budget for a press release site like prweb.com , you can start by submitting to free press release sites.
You can start with any piece of content that you have to promote your web page, and then take that same piece of content and put it to different media types.
Content syndication will get your message in front of more people who use different types of media to consume information.
You may be thinking that content syndication sounds extremely time consuming, but most of this work can be outsourced. There are also tools that will automate much of this process for you.
However, if that is not in your budget and you have no money to spend on advertising, then you will have to spend time doing it yourself.
There is no such thing as something for nothing. This is especially true when referring to your home business. You will have to spend either time or money, or both to become successful.
The important thing is to know how to do the necessary tasks that will get the results that you want. That is also the purpose of having a marketing plan.
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