How to Increase Organic Site Traffic


For every business, customer is king.  The market is flooded with millions of options where prospects have choices.  It is simple and easy to find suppliers of products and services with the internet being flooded with millions of websites and blogs. Bringing the prospects you want to target to your business website is always a challenging task.  Referrals help to acquire new business, but that only goes so far.  What about the rest of your target population?  Capturing your full target audience is this is why organic site traffic is crucial for growth for most businesses. 

If you want your business to reach a global audience, you’ll want to get international traffic.  Companies must engage multiple strategies to ensure they appear at the top of Google searches for the products and services they offer. 

It is the dream for all bloggers, webmasters, and business owners to be at the top of a search on all of the prominent search engines. Many spend significant time and money to develop new strategies to boost their odds at accomplishing this. Website traffic is a precious thing for a business as it could easily elevate a business to a totally new level.

Imagine you are a start-up with excellent online reach … you are giving your competitors a run for their money.  This is the power of Targeted Google Organic Traffic.  You can also get traffic from other networks like social media, direct Google traffic and others, but the most effective way to be winning the game is through organic traffic.



Here are some practical ways to increase your organic website traffic:


  1. High-quality Content

Everything starts with a website post.  This can be in the form of text, videos, audio or even pictures. It’s critical to always make sure to create high quality content for your business website. Whether you are a long standing company or a start-up, always add an element of creativity to your business. Make things fun, interesting and relevant. This helps the business to always be on top.


  1. Keywords Research

Brand keywords are crucial. They can help a company reach their target audience easily. Keywords are the words which help the customer to find the exact businesses that offers the products and/or services they seek. The internet is filled with different keyword research tools which help the business to shortlist the best, highest quality keywords to ensure their business is on top of Google search page. Leveraging thorough and effective keyword research, you can easily drive Keyword Targeted Traffic to your website.


  1. Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization

If you add content on a website frequently, you must be aware of Meta tags and search engine optimization. These are two crucial components which help the business to appear on top of the search engines.


  1. Update and Republish Content

This is another important factor to stay ahead of your competitors. By regularly updating previously published work, Google crawlers will include your website on top search result option. Note however that while this may be a good SEO strategy and will help drive organic traffic, it may not always be helpful to website visitors reading the content. 


  1. Buy Organic Website Traffic

This is the most common and effective way to stay ahead of all the competitors. You need to approach a good digital marketing company that you can trust to buy organic traffic from this website. If you are purchasing high quality organic website traffic, you can easily boost your business growth. Buying keyword targeted traffic also helps as this will ensure that all the organic keyword research traffic is redirected to your website. This eventually will help the business to grow and maintain high visibility in the marketplace.  


7- Repair grammar and spelling mistakes

Your Grammar Mistakes are killing your website Traffic, Bad grammar tells readers your road isn’t safe and you can’t be trusted. We’re analysing an old post we wrote months or even years ago, and we be aware a cringe-worthy spelling mistake. Instead of just ignoring it and hoping for the exceptional, spend a bit of time to accurate the mistakes. Google’s former anti-junk mail team chief, matt cutts, said that spelling and grammar aren’t certainly one of Google’s 2 hundred rating factors, but it’s nevertheless something to remember. Poor grammar and spelling negatively impact the user experience, as a way to play out for your scores both without delay or not directly.


Author's Bio: 

Merry fisher is a Freelance Writer and Social Media Manager who helps finance professionals and Fin-tech startups build an audience and get more paying clients online.

Before starting a writing business, Merry spent five years as a Bank Teller and Virtual Assistant for financial companies in the U.S. and U.K. After a successful career helping small banks and real estate agencies, Merry now helps them write marketing copy for their products and services.