If you want to know how to get a guy, speed dating is definitely a good place to start. Speed dating occurs when people go to a speed-dating event looking for someone who might be a good match. At a speed-dating event you will have the opportunity to sit down with an array of men to see if there is a connection.

The great thing about speed dating is that all encounters are timed. If you are still trying to become comfortable with approaching men, then speed dating would be perfect practice for you. A woman and a man will sit at each table for a specified period of time and have a casual conversation. It may be two minutes or ten minutes depending on the speed-dating event that you attend.

During this particular time, each couple will ask questions and try to get to know as much as they can about each other. While sharing all that you can is expected, you must keep in mind that if there is a connection; there will be a date. So don’t feel so anxious to tell your partner your whole life story in two minutes. Instead, stick to hobbies, age, and compliments. This way, you are sure to find out what he likes to do, if he’s in your age group, and if you or your compliments impress him. When the time is up, the men will move on to the next table and/or woman participant. This is where the process starts all over again.

After each couple have met and spoken to each other, it is then time to reveal the numbers of the people you found most interesting and would like to arrange a date. I must say that this part of the evening is usually the most dreaded part. There’s always the idea that the person you picked didn’t pick you in return. However, if you feel utterly embarrassed, you could always choose to leave before the numbers are revealed. But be careful! You may be walking out on your soul mate.

Speed dating is not for everyone but some women really enjoy using this technique in order to meet new men without the anxieties of the normal dating scene. If you are very shy or find it hard to approach guys while enjoying an evening out, then you may want to try speed dating. If you really want to know how to get a man, you have to be willing to try an array of different things until you find a strategy that is successful for you.



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