Are you curious about how to get a Gemini man to fall in love with you? You are not alone in the quest for this knowledge. For some reason, women are crazy about Gemini males, yet most of them have no idea about what Gemini males seek in their ideal mates.

If you want to get a Gemini man to fall in love with you, you should take it easy. Most of them tend to go from friendship into love. This means that a Gemini is more likely to fall in love with a friend than a person off the street. Of course this does not mean that you do not stand a chance if you are not friends with the guy; you just need to remember to take things slowly. All long lasting relationships once began with solid friendship.

As a friend you can be there whenever he needs you. Be there for the good times, the bad ones, and the in-between times. After a while, he will be so used to you being there that he cannot enjoy a day without at least hearing from you. This comfort ability will eventually turn into love.

If you want a Gemini man to fall in love with you, you need to realize that a person born under this sign does not have a very long attention span. He will be enthralled by one thing one week and then off to something different the next week. That is why it is important that you firmly cement your friendship before you try and go to the next level.

The best way to support a Gemini who goes from hobby to hobby is by doing your own hobbies. It would be great if the two of you shared a common hobby, but as long as you are willing to accept the time he dedicates to his hobbies and friends, you will have no problem in your relationship with a Gemini male.

Geminis are big on communication. He will want to share himself with you and will expect you to do the same with him. Being able to communicate openly and honestly will help you get your Gemini man to fall in love with you.

Most importantly, you want to keep surprising your man. Since Geminis do not have long attention spans, they do grow bored easily. You will have to use your creative imagination to come up with new exciting things for the two of you to do together. Geminis enjoy living life to the edge, and if you can follow along, you will have a wonderful relationship with your Gemini mate.

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