During unprecedented times, it’s best to tailor your marketing strategies to change in line with the environment the world is currently living in. Many businesses have transformed their marketing plan in the past couple of months due to COVID-19, and we can guarantee that if they did it correctly, they probably received more media attention than they ever had before. So, the question stands: how do you move forward with public relations efforts during rocky climates?

There are two answers to that question. The first answer is to get innovative with it. The second answer is that it depends on your business. However, we’re going to outline our strategies on how to go about doing so and how you could move forward to be as productive as possible.

How to address a pandemic

The most important step to take is to address the situation at hand - think of this step as public relations crisis management. Your role is to create an impactful and meaningful message that addresses the pandemic and how your business is responding to it. This means creating a consistent message to reach your public audiences. Display the message on your homepage, social media accounts, and any other relevant platforms.

Ask yourself:

Is the pandemic impacting my consumers, and if so, how can I give back?

Will my consumer’s priorities shift as a result of the current climate, and if so, does the change in my marketing efforts reflect that?

Does the pandemic impact my product/service, and if so, how can I communicate that to my consumers?

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It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy unless you plan on addressing the issue further into details, which would make sense if you work in an industry related to the pandemic. For example, hospitals and insurance companies had more information to share on the COVID-19 pandemic than local boutiques and restaurants. In this case, you would add a “see more info” call-to-action that would lead to your newsroom or landing page with the full overview of your response.

This will increase the relationships with your current and potential consumers because it shows that you are being proactive. Taking the necessary precautions can be what ultimately sinks or floats your ship, in this case, the ship is your business. During times like this, it is also important to be as transparent and honest as possible. With everything being uncertain, how your business is dealing with the pandemic shouldn’t be.

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