Binary compensation plan seems to be the trend in MLM these days. One of the major difference from a traditional unilevel plan is the "spillover". The way it works is you place your new enrollments at the bottom of either your left or right leg. You keep stacking them below you, one underneath the other, and that's how your downline get spillover from you.

Recruiting is not easy to most new distributors. This is why spillover is a big appeal in a binary plan. So, what if you can maximize on that appeal?

There is a feature called holding tank which is currently used by some of the binary MLM companies. This feature lets you keep your new enrollments in a "holding tank" for a few days before you place them in your binary tree. What that means, is that it gives you more control over where your enrollments get placed.

More Leverage

mlm prospectingDo you need more leverage to close your prospects? How powerful would it be to go to them and say, "I've got three people in my holding tank that I can place under you, if you enroll now."? Immediate downline upon enrollment makes an added benefit in joining you. It may be just the leverage you need.

Sense of Urgency

Holding tank comes with a deadline by when you will have to place your new enrollments. Do you have a prospect who is close to signing but isn't quite ready to commit? This may be the last push they need before finally taking action. Limited time offer creates a sense of urgency, and it is a very effective strategy.

Your Upline's Holding Tank

You may not have anybody in your holding tank, but your upline might. If you know their enrollments are going to be placed below you, you can use that as your leverage.

More Reason to Join Your MLM

Holding tank is a powerful feature for recruiting, but it also makes another reason why your prospects want to join you, because it means they will be able to use the same in your business.

In MLM, you never know who explodes in your downline. This is why holding tank becomes powerful in a binary plan. If you are considering of joining an MLM opportunity, check to see if your company has this feature. Little things can make a difference between success and failure.

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