Did you remember a program in school that discuss how to fix your relationship? There is actually none at all. It's not true that we all learned in the four sides of the classroom; there are things we learned outside which is very helpful in our life as a spouse, child, friend, etc. Whether we agree or not, our day to day life experiences can give us the instinct to fix what is about to be broken just like in any relationship.

It is normal that people experience trouble and hardships in the relationship. However, those troubles and problems are not the reason for you to give up the relationship. Giving up is not the solution but it can give added stress to the problem. As such, it is important that the willingness of both parties are involved when trying to fix the relationship.

So it is always beneficial and a hep for the dying relationship to be fixed by both parties with ultimate willingness and determination.If you want to be together again, here are simple ways on how to fix your relationship.

1. Learn to compromise
Remember, a relationship is a two way process and it's not meant to be manipulated by one superior partner. You always have to learn to compromise and to meet halfway. Do not waste your energy to always GIVE and GIVE in the relationship, because you will get tired and there will come a point that there's nothing left for you.

2. It pays to listen
Respect is valued when one knows how to listen. Do not do all the talking, sometimes, the most effective way of gaining good conversation is to value listening.

3. Talk
One of the essential components of a relationship is communication.Communication allows each one to express and voice out what they really feel in the relationship and into their partners, both positive and negative. In communication they will both learn to bind again what has been broken and start all over again.

4. Get Attractive
I hate to say this but nowadays, more women are being left because of how they have changed physically.Sometimes, looking good is a part of fixing the relationship especially if infidelity is the main issue.One has to understand that appearance is not the basis of love for our partners, however, it seems demanded in the society that looking physically good is part in the relationship.It doesn't mean that you are to wear heavy make-up. A well combed hair, light make-up and simple dress is enough.

5. Keep the love alive
The longevity of the relationship depends on how one can keep the love alive. Spending time together such as watching movie, travelling together, etcIt is more important that by spending good times together, you feel so certain that you are loved by him/her.

Greatest couples are those, who despite the rocky roads of their relationship, continues to nurture each other the best way they couldMany may ask why some couples have been successful in managing their relationship. Now, you also have to ask yourself, how have you been to your partner and vice versa? If you want the best of the relationship,learn to LOVE, CONNECT and RESPECT.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Ex Recovery System Review and the tips on Fixing a Broken Relationship.