When Mark's family transferred to a new town, Mark said his biggest problem was how to find new friends. He explains that for two years of schooling there, he never managed to have just a single friend. Mark says, "at times, i even feel like I’m a failure." They are many others like Mark who face difficulties to find friends.

Getting friends is not all about luck or chances. It requires additional effort and this is nothing more than keeping aside certain negative traits while on the other hand, developing attractive qualities. Before I let you know how to find new friends, I will first let you know why some people like Mark never succeeded in making real friends.
Why some people are left out in the world of friendship

Many at times, people just believe they are a complete failure to friendship. Some conclude that they are unlucky and for some, they expect to see someone walk up to them and express friendship. While all these people are far from the truth, still, they failed to know that everybody was born friendly.
This mostly happens with shy and self-centered people. This is because when people start putting much interest on their selves, they lost interest in others. This is one of the things that can hinder a person from making new friends. The steps below will act as some kind of support in letting you make friends without having to apply much effort:
Do something unique or interesting among others

Before you can be able to find new friends, you have to start by attracting them. Remember that people usually develop love and friendship only with people who have something unique. I am not saying you have to buy a big car to become unique. What I am trying to let you know is that. if you can manage to do something popular, others will be attracted to you.

For example, while I was in the university, I used to have many friends. It was not because I was special or that I was superhuman, but it was due to my interesting stories that I usually have. In my book how to make someone fall in love with you, I explained that, if you manage to make your victim know that you're demanded by others they will be attracted to you. This is the same reason why most students are attracted to intelligent students or class prefects. This is so because they have managed to do something unique. If you can do something special, people will be drown to you as friends.
Associate and show concern in any group activity

One of the easiest ways to find new friends is by joining and participating in group activities. It can be a group discussion, group reading (if you are a student), and group show. Remember that the effect behind this is to get involve with people. This is so because, when you start involving in activities with people, they start knowing and calling you by name thus creating the path for friendship.
Break any negative habit

In order to find new friends, you must try to develop confident in everything you are doing. This can't happened if you don't keep away from certain habits such as shyness and other negative thoughts about others and friendship age. Start viewing others as you wish to be considered by them.

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