Many people may not realise this but at the heart of the universe and the planet that we live on, well-being is at the core. All is well and everything is as it should be. We can either allow this well-being or we can resist it but the well-being flows just the same.

Human beings are an extension of nonphysical source energy and we have chosen to be here on this planet at this time with great eagerness and purpose. We came here to explore earth’s perfect balance of contrast and diversity in order to move life beyond what it has been before. In this moment in time and space you are exactly where you have intended to be. In living your life you are continually calling expansion to you, simply by living the life that you live and by experiencing the contrast that exists. This creates a stream of never-ending desires which flow from you.

When you experience something that you don’t want you then know what you do want. When you align with this desire emotionally, which means feeling good. Nonphysical source through the law of attraction will then manifest it in to physical reality.

Before you are born into this physical body you knew the importance of the contrasting diversity which exists in physical reality. We did not come here with fear and trepidation but with joy and eagerness to explore the variety and create the expansion that you knew would be called through you. Your life is supposed to feel good to you because you have deliberately chosen to be here to create your dreams and desires. If you can realise the appreciation that your Source has for you, you will allow yourself to feel the worthiness that you deserve.

Your life is providing the basis of expansion exactly as you knew it would when you decided to come. Through simply living your life you have discovered and created many desires that you wish to come into fruition. These desires are being held in a virtual reality by nonphysical source. When you align with these desires and come into a vibration equal to your desires, then you will experience them in your physical reality. In other words you will manifest your desires.

Your world is gradually expanding steadily growing and finding balance every step along the way. Well-being is the dominant basis of All That Is , in the whole universe and of this physical planet upon which we stand. This magnificent world is eternally tied to the steady rhythm of well-being at its core and the same is true of you. Be easy about your life and feel appreciation for who you are, as you allow all the wonderful things in life to flow naturally to you.

As you remember who you are you will rediscover your natural vibrational patterns of well-being. Each day you will find more clarity, more stamina, more enthusiasm and you will remember who you are and why you have come. Your life is supposed to feel good to you and you are meant to feel happiness in your life and you are meant to manifest your dreams and desires. One of the best ways to do this is to feel gratitude and appreciation for where you are and excitement and enthusiasm for what is next.

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