How to Choose a Coach that is Right for YOU!

With so many coaches out there today, how can you choose a coach that is right for YOU? About 10 years ago, before there was a coach on every corner, I started working with a coaching firm called Executive Consulting Services. When we would approach a giant corporation, and pitch our coaching services, the concept was so foreign to the CEO or President that the reaction went something like this: "You wanna WHAT?" "What do you mean?" "Why would I hire you to do that when I already have a library of personal development and training books right here?" They could usually point to a library of books right there in the office! "I didn't get this far by not knowing what I'm doing!" "I'm already running a successful business, thank you very much!"

Whew! It was rough at times! Today, though, the climate has changed, and business owners understand the importance of being coached by someone on the outside who can see things from a totally different perspective, and who also have their success at heart. Professional sports teams have understood the value of an outside coach for decades. Do the players need a coach because they don't know how to play the game? Sometimes, but what about the super stars? They are coached right along with everyone else. Does that mean the coach can play the game better than they do? Can the coach pass the ball better than a star quarterback, or run faster than a star wide receiver or running back? Absolutely not! Since these players already know the game and can play the game better than most other players and the coach, why do they need a coach? What can a coach do for them?


1.) A coach generally has had experience in playing the game, and although he or she may not have the physical stamina to continue playing anymore, that experience is very valuable. Players can learn from them.
2.) Also, a coach is watching the game from the sidelines. Watching the game and playing the game are two very different things! In basketball, for example, when you're on the floor and everything is happening around you, it's easy to get lost in the moment. You're concentrating so hard on your own actions and what you should do next, that you miss things that are going on around you. You don't see things the coach can see from his/her vantage point.
3.) A coach can also see a player’s blind spots and what the next best play would be.
4.) A coach is in a position to recognize a player’s weaknesses and strengths and assist him to capitalize on his strengths and work on his weaknesses.
5.) A coach pushes a player to do their best, not allowing them to give into excuses and therefore helping them to press forward and improve much faster and go much farther.
6.) A coach provides accountability to keep the players consistently moving in the right direction.


All of these same things apply when you're looking for a life coach, business coach or health coach. You have one huge advantage, though, when it comes to securing a coach for yourself! In the game of sports, a player is stuck with whoever the coach is for the team and they just have to deal with it. Sometimes they get a great coach that makes all the difference for them, who brings out the best in them, enhances their career and changes their life. Other times they get a difficult coach who belittles them, challenges them in negative ways and makes life miserable for them as they are striving for a goal. But in business, you get to choose who you will work with! If you don't get results from one coach, you can fire them and move onto someone else who is more aligned with your mission and ultimate dream.

The main thing to look for when you are deciding on a coach for your life and your business is to determine if this person is "with you" in terms of what you are shooting for. Can they help you progress faster than you would on your own? Do they understand your vision and can they get behind it and be there for you? Do they have experience? How do you feel when you are speaking with this person? Ultimately, he or she will be your GPS - guiding you through the labyrinth of business and life to help you get where you want to go. My simple answer to our initial question is to talk to a handful of coaches and then trust your gut. One coach may be far more knowledgeable than another, but have no heart for your business. Another may have a heart for your business but no clue about what you need or how to help you. Find a coach with both an understanding of how to help you move forward and a true interest in your success. Know this ... with the right coach; you can definitely move faster and go farther than you could ever do on your own. And that, my friends, is a guarantee!

Happy hunting!

Leanne Cannon

Author's Bio: 

Located in Charlotte, NC, Leanne Cannon has a true passion for helping people examine their own potential and realize that, despite all odds, their dreams are possible. She developed Dream Achievers Unlimited, a speaking and coaching business, ten years ago. Her unique style of communicating with the audience challenges them to explore their own potential and believe that virtually anything is attainable. Former Broadcast Executive for the TPN Television Success Channel, featuring Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Patricia Fripp, Michael Gerber and many other well-known business mentors, Leanne is a keynote speaker who inspires people to believe in themselves and ignites them into action!

President of Health and Business Professionals of Charlotte, and President of Total Wellness Business Alliance, Leanne has been instrumental in motivating business leaders to grow their business and fulfill their dreams. She is also an active member of, Professional Network Connections, Small Business Professionals, and the National Association of Professional Women.

Leanne has written articles in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and blogs. She has also been interviewed on radio and television. Look for her new book "Time Mastery: Key to Productivity and Profitability!" on her website.