Hey mate,

I just read that studies indicate that people who suffer from depression are actually more realistic, than people who are optimistic. Researchers seemed to conclude that those of use who are optimistic are in fact delusional. We tend to think we are better looking, have a better chance at succeeding, and that the odds are more in our favour than they actually are.

Good. Call me delusional, because I’d rather take more actions that will increase my odds of success, than work on fixing “my depression”.

Realistically, Mickey Mouse is a 7 foot tall rat with a glove. And castles are dark and gloomy by nature, and cold too. But Walt Disney didn’t let any of that depress him. Millions of children and adults I bet have been blessed by him being delusional.

Edison. Well, let’s admit it, you’d have to be a bit delusional to keep trying 10,000 times. Thank God he did. Thank God, Edison was a bit delusional. His lightbulb sure has made my life easier.

So here’s the deal…

You’ve got a choice, you can devote your resources to doing what it takes to be more and more realistic, or you can devote your resources to being a bit more imaginative, a bit more delusional. Your number one resource is time. Realistic people tend to do a lot of research, so that they make the RIGHT - the "most realistic" - decision.

Delusional people may do a lot of research as well. But what they do with what they learn and notice about the world is very DIFFERENT. Instead of seeking the RIGHT answer, they are seeking out, “what else is possible?” Start asking yourself questions like that. Start deliberately IMAGINING what else is possible, or how else you could approach “the problem".

Think about this for a second. Gutenberg printed books, back when all books were scribed by hand. People thought he was nuts. After all, WHO is going to read them? Back then, since there weren’t many books, there weren’t many people who could read. All that changed, didn’t it. And today, we live in the next Gutenberg age. The age where you don’t even need a printing press to publish, to share your written works. And you don’t even need a book to read.

And this new age, the age that just blessed you with this article came about, because someone out there decided not to be realistic and depressed, but instead chose to be delusional and change the world.

You can change the world. Go for it!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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