People say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, so having a beautiful pair of eyes is definitely a must for every woman. However, whenever you get stressed or when you are lack of sleep, dark circles will slowly form under your eyes. These dark circles can even make you become more stressful since they are very unflattering and unpleasant, and they make you look unattractive and a lot older. Here are some tips on how to effectively remove the circles under your eyes.

Check out the Cause of the Dark Circles

Before you attempt to remove those dark circles under your eyes, ask yourself what are the possible causes. If they just appeared because you are stressed or because you have not gotten enough sleep for the past few nights, then you can use a variety of natural and cosmetic remedies for your eyes. However, if these dark circles have been present for a number of weeks despite having enough rest, chances are, there may be some underlying factors which contributed to the dark circles under your eyes. Some possible reason may include allergies, nasal congestion, pigmentation problems, heredity or other physical issues. You can consult your trusted physician if you suspect that these dark circles may be caused by a medical condition.

Try Some Natural Remedies

Before resorting to cosmetic or medical remedies, you can actually try out some natural solutions which may have a positive effect on those dark circles. One example is to use thick slices of cucumber over each eye. This will produce a soothing effect, and will effectively reduce the puffiness of your eyes. You can also try frozen tea bags on your eyes. Tea bags have a natural component which reduces discoloration and swelling and will have a refreshing effect on your eyes.

Buy some Cosmetic Products

There are a number of cosmetic brands in the market that manufacture beauty products specifically designed to reduce dark circles under your eyes. Most skin care brands have eye creams that contain a lot of herbs, vitamins and minerals that brighten the pigmentation under your eyes and effectively reduce discoloration and swelling. Most brands have free samples or 30-day trials to help you check whether a particular eye cream has a great effect on you. You can also ask for assistance from various cosmetic experts since they can effectively recommend an eye cream that may be suitable for your facial needs.

Use a Concealer

For a very quick remedy, you can use a concealer to hide the discoloration under your eyes. Most cosmetic brands have liquid pen concealers that are effective and very easy to apply on the skin. However, make sure to purchase a concealer that matches your skin undertone, to avoid having a masked eye effect. Also, after applying the concealer under your eyes, you can put a primer or make up foundation to even out your skin tone.

Get Plenty of Rest

Perhaps the most effective way to remove those dark circles is to get enough sleep. Most under eye discolorations are a result of a lack of sleep and excessive stress. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and well-rested, to prevent the darkening pigmentation under your eyes. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, and having well-rested eyes will always make you look refreshed and young.

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