How To Easily Get Pregnant: Best Foods To Increase Fertility

So many people ask me how to easily get pregnant. The fact is that it often isn't as easy to conceive as we wish it was. But, eating properly can help boost your fertility and some foods have certain energetic properties that may be just what you need to make your conception easier. The famous Nurses' Health Study from Harvard University's School of Medicine revealed that foods rich in trans-fats and refined sugar can make it difficult to get pregnant. Trans-fats aggravate ovulation-related fertility problems whereas refined sugar can cause your insulin levels to spike, which also affects ovulation. On the other hand, the same study also indicated that fertility-boosting foods like plant proteins, full-fat milk and dairy, and whole grains can do wonders for your fertility. Naturopathic, alternative, holistic and Eastern medicine also advise that certain foods have special qualities that help make the body ready to reproduce. Here are three foods that may help you do just that.

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Pineapple for implantation

In the book "The Infertility Cure," author Randine Lewis suggests that women eat pineapple during the luteal phase because of its bromelain content. Bromelain is an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help pave the way for successful embryo implantation. Most of the bromelain is concentrated in the core of the pineapple, but you might want to stick to the flesh; too much bromelain is thought to bring on uterine contractions, which can trigger a miscarriage. The tart fruit is good enough to eat on its own, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy pineapple. You can make it into a cold shake for hot summer afternoons, or you can use pineapple chunks as an ingredient for a refreshing salad. Don't eat too much pineapple before the luteal phase though - the acidity of the fruit might affect your cervical mucus, which needs to be alkaline for sperm to survive.

Black strap molasses to treat fibroids

Uterine fibroids may be non-cancerous tumors in the uterus, but their very presence can be detrimental to fertility. Depending on their size and location, fibroids can prevent the sperm from reaching the egg and increase the risk of miscarriage. While most fibroids eventually shrink by themselves, it may help to try to speed up this process using natural methods when you want to get pregnant. One thing you can try is to increase your consumption of black strap molasses, the kind that you put on gingerbread. Black strap molasses contains iron and trace minerals that help alkalinize your body. This process discourages fibroid growth and may help existing ones shrink faster. Apple cider vinegar or baking soda can amplify its effects. If you don't like eating plain black strap molasses, use it as a substitute for sugar when baking.

Black sesame seeds to nurture fertility

According to experts of traditional Chinese medicine, the reproductive system is governed by the liver. When the liver has enough energy or "essence", your fertility is in top shape and you will not encounter any difficulties conceiving. But if your liver is deficient in essence, your reproductive functions become impaired. You can enhance your liver essence by eating foods like black sesame seeds, which you can find at many health related supermarkets and health food stores. Black sesame seeds can be eaten alone, mixed with salad greens for added texture, or used as an ingredient in baking. Try combining black sesame seeds with bread spread and using a little to top a whole wheat toast. Do not eat them to excess as too much of any food may not be helpful in easing your way to conception.

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I often hear from folks who are trying to become pregnant with a certain gender and have head that it is very important to find out exactly when they are ovulating so that they can attempt to conceive at the optimal time for the gender that they are hoping for. Some of them wonder if taking the test is going to have an effect on this process.

I heard from someone who said: "I know that I need to take an ovulation test in order to find out when I am ovulating if I want to become pregnant this month. But does the test hurt anything? Does it delay or influence ovulation? Would it have any influence over the sex or gender of my baby?" I will try to address these concerns below.

What An Ovulation Test Does And Doesn't Do: Essentially, an ovulation test either tests your urine or your saliva for hormones (like luteinizing hormone) that increase when you approach ovulation. You get a positive reading once this hormone is present to signal you that ovulation has taken place and that this is now an ideal time to become pregnant. The test itself is only testing your bodily fluids. But it doesn't have any effect whatsoever on what is going on inside of your body. Sometimes, certain things can delay or affect your ovulation like stress, illness, or doing anything that might alter your hormones. This sort of testing doesn't cause any of these factors, however. So it is perfectly safe.

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The one thing that this sort of testing might do is allow you to get a very clear picture of when you have or have not ovulated. And this information can be extremely valuable when you are trying to get a certain gender. For example, for a boy baby, it is much more preferable to have conception sex after ovulation has occurred. But if you want a girl baby, then you want to have conception sex before ovulation and before you get a positive result on the test. Obviously then, having more information about your ovulation is vital to helping you carry out this sort of precise timing. Urine predictors are fine for pinpointing when ovulation has already happened. But I find the saliva predictors to be better when you want to know when it is approaching. In other words, the urine predictors are fine when you want a boy. For a girl, saliva predictors make it easy to see the window where ovulation is approaching, but hasn't yet happened.

But to address the question posed, testing for ovulation doesn't affect your cycle and it doesn't do anything internally to influence whether you ultimately become pregnant with a boy or a girl. However, it will help you with your timing. And your timing is very important when you are attempting to conceive at a certain time to get a certain gender.

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There are large numbers of women who have faced yeast infection at least once in their life. Though this infection is found in both men and women, women are more vulnerable to it. Yeast infection can be found on any portion of your body. However it is commonly found in vagina. There are several reasons why one suffers from yeast infection, improper hygiene being one of major reasons. Yeast infection can also lead to unusual smell, making it noticeable. Instead of withdrawing yourself from the crowd, it's best you take precautions that can help you get rid of yeast infection.

Here are 4 proven ways that will surly help you get rid of this issue almost instantly.

Hygiene plays an important role in curing this problem. Wear clean and lose panties preferably cotton once. This will let the vagina feel some air. Frequently change your sanitary pads and clean the area properly. Practice good hygiene and you shall always stay away from yeast infection.

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Doctors and experts will also agree that curds and buttermilk are best remedies to treat yeast infection. Yoghurt has a bacteria present that kills yeast and keeps your vagina clean. You can directly apply yoghurt to your vagina at bed time or dip a tampon to insert in the vagina. Drinking buttermilk will help you keep this issue at bay.

Garlic is high on anti fungal properties and has the power to kill the yeast. You can either eat chunks of fresh garlic or insert it in the vagina. Never insert garlic directly in vagina. Peel the skin of garlic and wrap in a cloth and later put in your vagina.

Applying diluted tea tree oil has known to bring reliving effects. Tea tree oil can be easily found in stores. Frequently applying it will help the yeast infection stay away from you.

If the above remedies do not get the desires results, please visit your gynecologist at the earliest.

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Almost all women at some point fall prey to vaginal odor. It can be really disappointing and embarrassing. The vaginal odor can get so obvious that it can be easily noticed by people next to you. Vaginal odor can be due to the outburst of infections. This is normal and one can easily cure it. However, a change in vaginal odor can be a cause of concern and requires immediate attention. So, if you have been spending several days in embarrassment at work or home, you would be delighted to know these ways to cure the odor.

Here are 4 ways to get rid of vaginal odor.

Cleanliness is the key to stay off vaginal odor. You must and you should clean your vagina after intercourse and especially during menstrual cycles. Vaginal cleanliness should not be restricted only for sex life. Ignorance of it can lead to fishy smells and infections. Use plain soap and water to wash your vagina daily.

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Women love wearing fancy panties. However, they are best used for sexually stimulating your partner only. For everyday use your vagina needs cotton panties. Wearing cotton panties will let in some air and prevent too much moisture in there. Moisture can lead to the birth of bacteria and later to the odor as well.

Some women are obsessed with frequently washing their vagina. It is good to keep it clean but using scented products can reduce the ph balance leading to infection and thus the odor. Simple water and plain soap is good enough.

Many a time's weak immune system can also lead to infections and vaginal odor. The best way to treat it is by increasing the vitamin C intake in your diet. Drink plenty of water and juices of citrus fruits.

To help you stay away from vaginal odors, practicing hygiene is of great importance. Never wear wet clothes as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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