There are 3 factors that as a coach you should master if you want to earn more money and multiply your income.


These 3 factors, also known as the 3 R's of personal training, constitute 3 of the most important pieces of your business and your career as a personal trainer. If you are able to master and implement the systems in charge of each of them, you will not only increase your income exponentially, but you will have a stable and secure business.


If you want to know what these 3 factors are and how to use them in your favor, let's go for them ...




As personal trainers, we have already commented many times that our mission is not to train people or teach them new exercises, but to deliver the results we promised them, or solve the problem for which they hired us. In short, we have to be able to offer our clients the results they hope to achieve.


On many occasions, perhaps guided by the trust or the establishment of a relationship with them, we let ourselves go and fall into the "routine of limiting ourselves to training them" and forgetting the reason why they had hired us.


But we must keep one thing in mind, if we do not give these people what they were looking for when they started working with us, sooner or later they will go to another place to look for it. And not only that, but there will be many of them who rightly say they are not good professionals.


Therefore, if you want to increase your income as a personal trainer, make sure that each and every one of the people you work with, achieve the objective for which you were hired and feel satisfied with the results obtained.


When people get what they want, no matter what price they have paid, they will always be in continuous gratitude.




It seems obvious that it is important to offer the promised results to our clients, but I can assure you that if that were the case, it would not be necessary to emphasize that much.


The results will not only make you get a good reputation as a coach, but they will help you foster the second of the 3 key factors we will talk about today, REFERENCES.


Being able for your customers to generate references to you is, without a doubt, one of the best marketing strategies that should be present in your business.


You should keep in mind that a person who is referred by another, rarely will not hire your services regardless of your prices. In addition, the cost of acquiring this client will be practically null and with almost certain security, they will trust you even before you start training.


References are one of the oldest and most reliable ways to attract new members, so it is not only worth doing a good job with your clients, but you must have a whole plan, perfectly orchestrated to encourage them and make your Customers talk even more about you.


In "fitness professional magazine”, you will find a whole chapter dedicated to explaining how you should promote the references among your clients and the best practices that you can carry out to transform your clients into your best marketing strategy.




If you are not able to retain or retain your customers for long periods of time, no matter how good you are attracting new people, you will always need to be in search of new business opportunities.


One of the most effective strategies that exist to increase your income as a coach is “invest in your current clients”


And before you tell me: but if they are already my clients, why do I need to "spend" more money on them? let me explain something to you.


That they are your customers now, does not mean that they will always be and even less considering the amount of offer and new trainers that appear every day.


Loyalty to a client is an increasingly complicated task, and it is not enough just to be a good coach, have a beautiful center or offer incredible results. Your clients need to know that you care about them and that you take care of them. They need to know that you really care about their well-being and that whenever they need you will be there.

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