Instagram has introduced IGTV because they know that upcoming time. People will consume more and more videos. IGTV is their dedicated app which is specially designed for video streaming. In simple Instagram feed, people can upload videos that they maximum 60 seconds in duration. And if they are willing to upload longer videos, they can use IGTV.

Some people on the internet claim that they can upload videos that are more than 10 minutes. But these are all fake claims. No one can upload a video for more than 10 minutes. Celebrities or Instagram pages which have verified profile can upload videos that are 60 minutes in length.

Instagram has put a restriction on its IGTV that users cannot download videos from it. And they want users to come back each time when they want to watch their favorite video. They have an option to bookmark a video but in that case, you will have to open the app each time when you want to watch a video. And it will consume your lot of mobile data.

There is some IGTV downloader software that asks you to join their membership to download IGTV videos. The membership can vary from $10 to $20 for a month. And even after that, you will be asked for Instagram login details. That can lead to a privacy breach for your private details. So, to avoid paid membership and privacy concerns you can use this IGTV Downloader by Instaneek. This will never ask you for any fee and you even don’t need to fill your login details. You can download IGTV videos by just getting the URL of the IGTV video.
This downloader will check the file for every for the virus. And if it detects a virus in it, then the person will be warned. IGTV also checks its videos to keep them virus free. And if somewhere they missed it, its virus detection system will keep you safe.

Just get the URL of the IGTV video that you want to download through the IGTV app or their website. And insert its link in the IGTV video downloader. And hit the download button to start downloading the video. Make sure that you enter a valid URL of the video. All the videos that you will download through this will be downloaded in high definition quality. The video will be downloaded in a couple of minutes once downloading is started.

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Ashish Chugh