Are you having a hard time increasing your sales and profits? Then, your dilemma ends right here. Just follow these tips and you’ll boost your earnings from your high ticket consulting services in no time at all:

1. First thing that you need to do is to know and deeply understand your potential buyers. You need to understand the factors that they consider when they make a purchase. You need to know the techniques that you can use to target their emotional hot buttons. You need to know the right things to say to make them realize the benefits that your products can offer. The more you know about them and their needs, the more likely you’ll be able to persuade them to make a purchase.

2. Pre-qualify your prospects. The problem with other sellers is that they offer their products or services to everyone they meet. Well, this is what I call wasting your precious time and energy. You need to make sure that you will not waste your resources on those people who will surely not buy from you. Perhaps they don’t need your offerings or they don’t have the money to make a purchase. So, before you call these people up, ensure that they are qualified leads and that they have the capability to buy your offerings.

3. Tell your potential buyers what’s in it for them. Your prospects have only one question in mind when presented with products and services and that is “What’s in it for me” So, instead of telling them the amount of time you spent in creating your services, tell them exactly what they can expect to get. Communicate all the good stuff that your services can offer. Highlight their benefits, selling points, and features that can set them apart from the rest.

4. Offer money back guarantee. Sometimes, it is really difficult to get people to believe that they’ll get their money’s worth. This is the reason why I urge you to let them use your services without a risk involved. Tell these people that you’ll offer them 100% money back guarantee. This will give them an assurance that it’s either they’ll get exactly what they want or they will get their money back. To minimize your returns, ensure that your consulting services have really what it takes to impress and better serve these people.

5. Endorsements and testimonials. Get as many individuals (preferably those who are considered icons in your chosen niche) as possible to endorse your consulting services. If you can get them to say that you’re offerings are worth every penny and that they’re life-savers, the better. Also, strive to please all your customers. You’ll surely be able to make use of great testimonials. Ensure that all testimonials and endorsements highlight the major selling points of your services and that they’re very realistic.

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Sean Mize is an expert at using article marketing to drive highly targeted traffic to websites. He initially developed and mastered many of the advanced article marketing tactics that are currently being used by hundreds if not thousands of marketers today (he has personally taught several thousand clients his article marketing methods and techniques)

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