Learning How To Do The Splits In One Day

NEW - 15 minute exercise called a "CR Training Session" is taking flexibility training by storm.

CRT Sessions are pretty crazy. Many people are actually able to achieve the splits during their very FIRST session.


Most traditional stretching calls for thoroughly warming up, relaxing as much as possible, and holding a nice long stretch. Well, two out of three isn't bad. Yes, you should thoroughly warm up; and yes, you should hold a stretch; however, the relaxing bit - just forget about that.

Relaxing is very passive and doesn't really accomplish much.

Imagine a rubber-band. If you took the rubber-band, moderately stretched it, and then released it, it's only going go right back to its original state. NOW, if you took that same rubber-band, and while you were holding it in a stretched position, heated it up enough, it would FOREVER change. Now when you release the rubber-band, it CANNOT back to its original state. The heat has elongated it.

Remember the rubber-band? This is exactly what we need to do with your muscles. There is something called a "CR Training Session," that actually changes the muscles while you stretch. The CR Training Sessions can be found in a publication called, "Two Week Splits." The basic concept is quite similar to how body builders build muscles LARGER and stronger.

Body builders don't just hang onto weights and relax. What results would that produce? So why do we assume that just relaxing our muscles while stretching is such an effective way to increase flexibility? It doesn't. We must put a demand on the muscles to get them to transform. And when we do this, the proper way, the results are astonishing.

It's quite difficult to explain how to use the CR Training Session without illustrations, but basically, you want to maintain all of your body weight on you legs while you stretch. This is the key to learning how to do the splits in one day. The weight will provide part of the resistance, just as dumb-bells do for body builders. The other thing you need to do, is tense your muscles as hard as you can. This will fatigue them. When your muscles are completely fatigued, you will be able to go farther into the splits then you ever have before.

In fact many who use this method, will achieve the splits the very first time they use the CR Training Session. That's because these sessions are scientific, 15 minute, exercises, that AS you do them, you'll IMMEDIATELY notice yourself getting farther and farther into the splits - WITHOUT any pain. CR Training Sessions are the fastest and most effective split training methods EVER tested.

This method truly works. Give it a try and listen to your body. Good luck.

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Dylan Vegas has trained in martial arts for over 20-years and enjoys assisting those achieve their goals. To learn more about improving your flexibility, visits: How To Do The Splits In ONE DAY