When you are in need of a new Personal Assistant, you will go ahead and conduct an interview. Based on the interview, you will be able to select a Personal Assistant, who can cater to all the needs that you have. However, the overall process of conducting an interview for a Personal Assistant will not be easy. That’s because you will have to focus on numerous important factors to locate that perfect Personal Assistant. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways on how you will be able to interview a new Personal Assistant.

Be methodical when you interview

Once you start interviewing a Personal Assistant, it is important to be methodical. In other words, you should have a proper structure in the interview questions. If the interview questions are unstructured, you will not be able to create a free-flowing conversation during the interview. This would lack agenda in the interview, and you will not be able to get the maximum out of the interview. On the other hand, asking for such unstructured questions during the interview can make the candidates feel uncomfortable as well.

You should take your time to pick the questions carefully. You will need to refrain from asking generic interview questions. For example, you should never ask “Can you tell me about your weaknesses”. These questions are overused. They are not effective at all. Hence, you should specifically ask for questions that are related to the Personal Assistant role that you are hiring. These can be situational and behavioral questions. Such questions would provide you the chance to get a better understanding about the soft skills of the Personal Assistant that you hire.

It is important to make sure that you are hiring a Personal Assistant with excellent soft skills. In other words, the Personal Assistant you hire should have excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Hence, you should ask for questions where you will be able to get a better understanding about the soft skills of the Personal Assistant that you are hiring. In the meantime, it is also better if you can have a clear picture in mind about the illegal questions, which you should refrain from asking.

Take notes

You will need to practice note taking as a part of the Personal Assistant interviewing process. During an interview time, you will be interviewing multiple people. Hence, you will need to take notes effectively. This is where you should focus more on the answers given by the candidates. In other words, you should not be taking notes based on the judgements that you arrive at the interview. Then you will be able to evaluate the notes and pick the best Personal Assistant who takes part in the interview sessions.

You should also rate the Personal Assistant candidates based on a proper scale. It can be from poor to excellent. Or else, you can even think about going ahead with a low to high scale. No matter how you rate the candidates, you will need to make sure that you take away the halo effect from taking place. This is where you can take notes and rate the candidates. You will be able to provide a rating to the question with your notes and then move to the next question. This will eventually help you to go through an effective Personal Assistant interviewing process as well.

Show that you care

While you are hiring someone for the position of Personal Assistant, you will need to show that you care a lot. This would contribute a lot towards the excellent candidate experience that you can deliver. On top of that, it will provide you the opportunity to boost the overall employer brand as well.

You can start the interview with a positive note. For example, you will need to make sure that you start the interview in time. You should also greet the Personal Assistant who comes for the interview with a smile and maintain eye contact. It is natural for the candidates who come for the job interviews to fail anxious. This is why you should think about easing them to the process. This will help you to create a positive impression about you and the job offer. Along with that, you will be able to focus more on the conversation that you get into as well.

During the interview process, you should minimize distractions as much as possible. In other words, you need to understand that future meetings are in a position to create a negative impact on your rapport along with the interviews. Therefore, you should focus only on the interview when you are hiring a Personal Assistant.

Take your time for the interview

It will not be possible for you to hire a Personal Assistant by rushing through the interview process. This is why it is essential for you to take time and go through the overall interviewing process. When you take time, you will be able to increase your chances of making a better decision as well. On the other hand, it will be able to help you with making an objective and informed decision as well.

Learn from the mistakes

It is fine for you to make mistakes when you are interviewing for a Personal Assistant. However, you should not keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again. This is why you should learn from your mistakes and make sure that you don’t commit them in the future. There are interview trainings as well as workshops available for you to follow. You can think about following them, so that you can end up with receiving the best results at the end of the day.

Final words

Follow this guide when you are interviewing for a new Personal Assistant. Then you will be able to locate the ideal candidate for the available position of a Personal Assistant.

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