Your mental focus is your strongest weapon when it comes to using your mind to it's fullest potential. The way we direct our focus determines what we achieve at this moment and eventually in our lifetime.

The Law of Attraction says what we focus on grows in our life. That's the reason why it is so important to master how we use our mental focus.

The 2 Aspects of Focussing Your Mind:

The first is not yet how to focus your mind but rather the decision on what you focus in the first place.

1. Focus on what's right

Stephen Covey always had this great analogy of climbing a ladder that is leaning against the wrong wall. You don't want to do this. You want to put your ladder on the right wall. That means you have to decide upfront where you want to spend you time and where you want to put your focus on. This is essential for success in anything you do.

One of the best way to decide on what to focus on is to make up your mind and formulate what you want to achieve in clear and written goals.

2. Focus the right way

Training your ability to concentrate single-mindedly on one thing, with great intensity, improves your mental focus. So you have to repeat it, like a muscle you would train in the gym.

So the most straight-forward way to use your focus is:

1. Select your one task
2. Put all your attention to that one task
3. Stay with this task if possible uninterrupted, until it is finished (!)

By doing this process over and over again you not only train your mental focus but you also make sure you are mentally most effective.

Reaching Flow with Intense Mental Focus

When we focus on something that is challenging and interesting for us, we have the ability to experience flow. Flow is the feeling of effortless action and becoming one with what you do. Time almost vanishes in our subjective experience and we are maximum effective in what we do. Athletes often describe this state as being in the zone. Many great works in art and even sports happen when we are in flow.

Here is the process to get into flow for an challenging and interesting task:

1. Focus with intensity on your task, dive totally into it and become one with it
2. Do it for a reasonable period of time, at least 1 hour, better more
3. Avoid any distractions by creating the necessary environment

Try it for yourself, it's one of the greatest things to experience.

Learning to control our mental focus is essential on the path of personal growth. If you are not yet satisfied with the ability to concentrate for a longer period of time, train your focus. Eventually try to reach flow, without trying to hard of course. It comes naturally. And then see what happens ...

Author's Bio: 

Myrko Thum is in the field of Personal Development for over 10 years.
He is founder and author of "Personal Development that Transforms" on, the blog about Personal and Spiritual Growth.