Self-management skills are critical in enabling you to achieve goals at the workplace. They enable you to contribute towards a healthy working environment and remain focused on your tasks. With
self-management skills, you can be able to manage the stress that comes with work and instead enjoy your job. The fact is, you are expected to take responsibility of everything you do in the workplace. If you are not able to manage yourself, then other people take control of you and this does not help you. Here are some tips to help you manage yourself in the workplace:

1. Finish what you start

Make it a habit to always finish any task that you start. If you find yourself getting concerned about a task that has an upcoming deadline, attend to it immediately so that it is no longer distraction to you. Also, take each new opportunity as an exciting, learning experience. That way, you will avoid the stress of trying to figure out how to handle new situations.

2. Have self confidence

Self-confidence is necessary irrespective of the position you hold in an organization. This self-management skill is critical particularly when you have to deal with challenging tasks at the workplace like when you need to make important decisions within a very tight deadline. When you have self-confidence, you are able to trust your judgment and believe in yourself. You can weigh the options you have available and identify the one that works best under the circumstances you are in. Consequently, other people will have confidence in you when you exhibit high confidence in doing your work.

3. Plan your daily activities

Have a schedule of what you need to accomplish on a daily basis. Avoid having idle time by having something to do at all times. If you are done with your work-related chores, consider engaging in productive activities that add value to you like reading a book. Try as much as possible not to worry about stuff because most of the things you’ll worry about will never come true.

4. Maintain a positive attitude

Determine early in the day to maintain a good attitude about work and any tasks you have lined up for the day. Make it a habit to hold yourself accountable by constantly reflecting on the progress you are making towards achieving the goals you had set for the day. Consider developing a list of the things you accomplish as you go through your day. This will keep you motivated to achieve more because, as you’ll discover, they’ll always be more than you think.
5. Develop resilience
Resilience is an important self-management skill because, as is the nature of life, things will not always be rosy at the workplace. You’ll come across difficult situations like challenging assignments, resentful workmates and in some occasions, you might even get fired. Such situations can make you feel like giving up. You need to develop resilience in order to overcome challenges so you can get back on your feet fast and move one.

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