People who are taking advantage of high ticket coaching programs have different preferences when it comes to coaching mediums. While others prefer phone, there are those who simply love face-to-face sessions. If you’re serving this type of market, you need to give in to their demands. This is the only way that you can get them to do business with you.
Here’s how you can design and promote $15,000 face-to-face coaching programs:
1. First step is conduct one-on-one interviews right after your clients have signed up. Your goal here is to know and really understand what they would like to happen. Do they need you to help them solve their most pressing issues? Do they need assistance in learning the ropes of those things that they consider most important in their lives? You also need to know their preferences and their skill level so you can avoid giving them information that they already know. Get as much information about these people while interviewing them. The information you gather will surely help you make your programs more focused and more targeted.
2. Plan ahead. Next step is to plan each program that you’ll offer to your customers. I suggest that you personalize your offerings to easily meet the unique learning needs of each of your clients. Yes, it will take time but you’ll be able to give your customers their money’s worth. Identify the specific information that they need to know and the specific skills that they need to develop. Then, list down the lessons that you’ll be discussing on each session. Depending on the lessons you’re giving out, you may opt to get your customers do some hands-on trainings to speed up their learning
3. Review your program. Next step is to take an honest look at the programs that you have just designed. Ask yourself; “Do they have what it takes to help your customers solve their pressing issues?” “Are they effective enough to help your customers get to where they would like to be?” Revise your action plans over and over again until you’re 100% sure that they’re exactly what your customers need.
4. Coach your customers. Make sure that you’re very prepared when meeting your customers. You must know ahead of time what lessons to discuss. It will also help if you have already anticipated all their possible questions so you will not get caught off-guarded in the middle of your sessions. Research suggests that people learn better if you use visuals aids during your presentation. So, prepare slides and other tools that can help your clients visualize the ideas that you’re trying to get across. To avoid causing confusion, I suggest that you use their language. Use the terms that they very familiar with. Also, encourage them to ask questions if they’re not getting a clear picture of what you’re discussing.

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