Most established businesses and companies in today’s day and age recognize the importance of having an online presence to reach a wider range of potential clients. Putting a lot of thought and effort into a website’s design can really make the difference between leaving potential customers with a good or bad impression of your company or product. That is why it’s especially important to come up with a great design for your website, with particular focus placed on its homepage.

A homepage is what a visitor lands on after clicking a search result. Since this will likely be one of the very first impressions that the visitor has of a company or product, it’s incredibly worthwhile to make this page look as welcoming and engaging as possible.

A strong homepage design can entice visitors to spend more time exploring the product or service on offer, inviting them to learn more and, hopefully, convincing them to purchase. Before we look at the 20 best homepage designs, let’s first go over some of the basic elements that a modern homepage should consist of. To know more press

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