"We could never learn to be brave & patient, if there were only joys in the world". -Helen Keller.Often in life when things seem to be going on pretty fine, that we are brought face to face with a situation we probably would never envisage in the wildest of our dreams. The real character of a person comes to the fore when he is faced with a crisis/ situation in life he least expected. The crisis may be of different types, however ,whether it is related to the family or finance it catches us unaware.A crisis in life can be viewed as an examination which every individual has to face at some point of his life and how we deal and react to in such situations makes or mars our life going ahead.

Accept reality : Often when faced with a crisis in our lives, we tend to not accept the real situation in hand.We tend to keep analysing what should have been or what could have been, had this problem not cropped up in our lives.For eg in the present global economic crisis many people all over the world lost their jobs, their livelihood. Many in such a situation would be blaming the political class or the bureaucracy for the mess that has been created in their lives.But cribbing/or lamenting over a situation which is not in our hand does not help in any way. Accepting the reality and facing it helps us to come in grip with the crisis in hand. It is equally necessary to give us the requisite time needed by our own selves to come to terms with the given situation and then resolve to deal with the same.

Talk to someone you trust: Sharing our problems with someone, and talking about our problems helps us to come to terms with the crisis as well as it allows us to see the situation from a different perspective. We often refrain from talking about our problems in the fear of what might others feel and say. However talking about our problems allows us to clear our own minds and also seek the aid of someone who might give us proper guidance regarding the same. Herein the family or our close friends often come forth as a big support factor therefore in the hay days it is always important to keep in mind the value that family ties and good friends have in our lives.

Crying helps: Statistics reveal that woman cope with crisis or difficult situations in life much better than men, because women share their problems with others as well as allow and do not refrain themselves from shedding tears if they feel like. Crying helps us to emotionally heal ourselves and also does good to us at the physical level. Therefore if we feel like crying we should not stop ourselves from doing so, one feels much lighter in the heart after that bout of crying.Specially if the crisis is something like the loss of someone close to us it really helps to cry if we feel like and crying restores and calms the nerves of the body.

Look at other positives in life: When one road ends ,life often leaves open several others. It is entirely upon us to tap on those doors and realise their value in our lives.We should also learn to appreciate the little things and joys in life for they are what actually keep us going. Difficulties are often opportunities to be waiting to be explored, and after a lapse of time we realise that what happens is for our good and there is a supreme being overseeing all of this and knows what is ultimately best for us.

Take recourse to Nature/hobbies: Often lot of people cope with a difficult situation by taking recourse to the beauty of nature or also rediscovering their lost passions/hobbies as this allows to divert their attention and cope with the problem at hand in a better way. Reuniting with our own self is an important lesson which we often forget in the mundane chores of our lives, but when faced with a crisis often helps us in understanding the true essence of life.

It goes without saying that time is the best healer so what ever the situation it helps to understand that it will pass. Nobody ever said that life is a bed of roses.Life is more often than not is a bed of thorns whether we allow those thorns to hurt us or we crush them depends upon our attitude towards life. The importance of balanced life cannot be undermined and when faced with a crisis like situation we understand the value of the same all the more.It is important to have faith in the divine grace,as in spite of everything it leads us to our true goal."A smile acts upon difficulties as the sun upon the clouds-it disperses them"

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Author is a Reiki Practioner and has been practising this alternative form of medicine for the past 7 years. You can access similar articles on self devlopment and personal growth by the me at liveg8life@blogspot.in