Staying organized is an important part of the workday. There is no longer a need for pen and paper To Do lists. A number of websites offer online and downloadable list keepers, some with synchronization. Here are four ways Twitter can help you keep track of your To Do lists.

RememberTheMilk is a quick way to send reminders to yourself and others via direct messages. Just DM @rtm and your task. To send errands to others, they must also be registered with RememberTheMilk. You can add text commands to the list for tasks that are repeated often. This could be a handy tool for communicating with your children when it’s time to set the table!

Toodledo is a high powered to-do list with many features. You can receive task reminders as tweets and you can import or export lists from other sites, making this an even more useful list builder. Lists can be viewed in different configurations, depending on your preference. Toodledo can also be used for time management by sending reminders when assignments come due.

Nozbe is a practical project and time management application. You can create and sort multiple To Do lists for each project you are working on. You can tweet Nozbe to leave a message in your inbox when you are on the road, then deal with it when you return to the office. This app is most useful for business users who need to add reminders or improve productivity on the job.

Producteev helps you manage your tasks no matter what device you prefer to work from. Send your job-related emails to Producteev, and the application will update your To Do list in real time. You can also add jobs to your list by tweeting a direct message. When you publish a request to your social media account, your friends and followers will be able to comment on and help you complete the task. Producteev offers a range of premium options, based on number of users and storage space required. 2 users and 100 MB of file storage is offered free of charge.

Keeping track of what is done and what needs to be done is essential to your success in the business world. With so many options available, there is sure to be a tool that fits your preference.

Have you used the Twitter tools listed above? Let us know what works, or doesn’t work, for you by leaving your comments below.

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