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How can you create the time you need in your life to accomplish your goals?

This is a great question, with a somewhat disappointing answer. I'm going to disappoint you first, and then enlighten you!

The disappointing news is that you can't "Create" time any more than it's already been created. What? Here is what that means. In the philosophical sense, time doesn't actually exist. All we have are moments. Time is was created by people as a way to measure. If you didn't have any way to measure time, you would just have this moment. So unfortunately, not you or anyone else can create time. You can only create measurements of how you will use your moments.

I know that is a bit deep, and not needed for time management skills. However, it's important to understand that time management is a myth. You don't manage your time. You commit to what you are going to do in the moments of your life.

I'll give you an example.

Do you have to manage the time you go to work every day? No. You commit to that time because it matters to you. Do you manage the time you watch your favorite show on television? No. You commit to that time because it matters to you. This is the same for everything else in your life. You commit to what matters to you in the moment. If you didn't have a watch, or a clock, you would just do what mattered to you at the time.

Why do we commit time to something?

We commit time because something matters. You commit time to your job because it matters that you get paid and if you don't show up, you don't get paid. You commit time to your spouse, kids or significant other because having that relationship matters to you. Anything you commit to doing, at any time in your life, only happens when it matters to you.

So what matters to you?

I'll tell you what matters to me. Helping people better their lives, matters to me. That is why I "Create" the time to get up every morning and create ways to help people better their lives. My family matters to me. That is why I spend a lot of time with them. My time matters to me. That is why I guard it as my most precious resource.

So what matters to to you? Only you can answer that question. When you decide what matters to you in your life, you will choose to create the time to make it happen.

I'd like to help you decide what matters to you. Leave me a comment so I can help you "Create" the time you need for what matters in your life.

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