The creation of websites and web project management processes are taught in many higher education courses. The site creation market is saturated with different offers. On the other hand, there is one area where it is difficult to see clearly: how to build a website optimized for SEO. We are talking about SEO friendly, to this Anglicism are attached technical beliefs and a lack of methodological knowledge that we will explore.

SEO is expensive in a project

Building a SEO friendly site does not require a technical overlay, it is a matter of method and timing in the organization of work. This kind of arguments is also understood for the accessibility and therefore the respect of web standards by extension. Just integrate the SEO in the first preparatory work of your project to save time and money! You are not convinced? Here are some examples that will make you change your mind:
The category names of an e-commerce site are too generic: your categories integrated into your Prestashop or Magneto are too generic, you have not made a naming plan upstream, your agency has integrated your category tree ... Optimize your site will require the recovery of some work on your site and you generate several days of extra cost: do not integrate the contributions of SEO from the outset of the project is already losing money!

SEO is URL + title + description + Keyword + Sitemap + Robots.txt

For many years, semantic richness, user-oriented content and quality links have become more important than the old pillars of SEO. In this category of received ideas, there are subcategories:
The meta Keyword: unless you target the search engine Baidu (China), know that the meta Keyword tag is no longer used since 1998. You certainly have the nostalgia for the World Cup, but it is not a reason to return to 98!
The xml is essential for the SEO, idem for the robots.txt: having or not having a sitemap will not have an impact on your positioning ... The sitemap is just a tool that will facilitate the indexing of the pages. Indexing is not positioning ...
The URL must contain as many keywords as possible: the URL is less and less heavy in the algorithms; this is due to the technological evolutions, but also to the abuses ... To have a clean URL is useful to better follow it from an analytical point of view; To work too much is to risk falling into over optimization.
The meta description is essential for SEO: there is an error in the acronym, it is essential for the SERP (pages of results of a search engine) and the CTR in the pages of research (rate of click). It is to work of course: but it is a catchphrase that will make you want or not to the user to click on a result in Google ... Attention in this matter, the lines are moving at Google! SEO monitoring is essential, tools like the Abundance newsletter,Search Engine Watch, Secrets2moteurs or the 1st Position blog will be tools that will help you stay in touch with multiple search engine developments without much effort!

SEO and Ergonomics Have Unsightly Sites Produced

What is beautiful? What is design? We will not gloss, but any web project is a multidisciplinary project. Marketing, communication, and computing are the three basic disciplines. Sacrificing SEO constraints is killing the marketing dimension, and greatly reducing the scope of communication ... The web design is the consequence of a work upstream qualification.

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Ashley Broke is a creative content marketing professional. She is writing since 2006, her number of articles has appeared on many blogs and sites