We have now entered the digital era where all the information is exchanged online, however physical marketing collateral is still needed when it comes to closing a particular deal. Making a unique and attractive business card is important to give the right impression to clients.

Research shows that 88% of handed out business cards get thrown out in a less than a weeks’ time. This usually happens because of a boring/unattractive design. Usually your desirable client throws your business cards away if he/she don’t find it attractive. If it is a video business card is full of color and tells an interesting story they will definitely keep it.

Tips to Create a Standout Business Card:

- Make it more than just a business card, make a video business card with an interactive video.
- Use unique design to bring attention to your business.
- Understand what your client’s pain points are and see to resolve them and communicate how in your video.
If you are looking for some important tips to create an attractive business card that people will want to hold onto instead of throw into the garbage, keep reading....

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