Healthy Office Space - Healthier the Minds of Employees! And you know what a healthy mind can do.

We know how productive we can be when we feel healthy. There are employees who thrive under pressure, but what if pressure exceeds the limit? It certainly affects their profession as well as the home life, which is not a good sign for the success of any business. A recent survey made on employees’ contentment revealed that there are over million people who suffer from work related stress in India.

Let’s take a peek into the statistics.

The Stress Management Society says that work related stress has been the main reason for psychological illness in UK. It’s said that, more than 105 million days are going lost just because of the stress, which in turn is costing about £1.24 billion to the companies.

It clarifies that an unhealthy environment will never let employees work to their full potential. If you think that stress level in your organization is going out of hands, you certainly have to think of altering your office space or relocating to a healthy office space.

But how do you create a healthy work environment?

Here are a few tips following which you can provide a healthy workplace for your employees.

1. Make them feel comfortable

Imagine yourself at two different places; one in a fully comfortable seat, desk and a soothing work environment (perfect lighting and temperature), and the other on a rock hard cushion with annoying heat and dim light; in which place will you be more productive? Undoubtedly the first one!

When the employees aren’t comfortable with the chair, desk lighting and temperature, they keep adjusting themselves often which kills time as well as their interest to work.

2. Natural light makes miracles

Natural light is one of the biggest stress relievers that we can ever find. It allows your body to boost serotonin which keeps your mind lively and fresh all time.

The Baker Heart research institute recently concluded that serotonin levels in human body are directly affected by the amount of sunlight received. Serotonin levels in the body affects your memory, sleep pattern, appetite and the mood. Without required serotonin levels, people often feel depressed, anxious and lack much needed productivity at the workplace.

3. Attractive displays at workplace

Decorative displays at the workplace are proved to be very beneficial for enhancing the productivity of employees.

Health care professionals have conceded that it’s a type of therapy that has been promoting the wellbeing of employees at the workplace. This is the main reason that many workplaces are rethinking on their office space design strategies and adding more attractive collections to the workplace.

4. Support communal areas

People in general are very sociable creatures, and they feel it’s very important to interact with each other in the team.

It’s also proved that common areas have been incredibly beneficial to relieve work related stress and anxiety while also allowing employees to maintain a great relationship with each other in the team. Communal kitchenettes and seating areas make employees feel more relaxed and refreshed, which allows them be more productive throughout their working day.

5. Gym at office

Of course, this is not a must-have amenity at a workplace, but exercises can relieve stress soon helping the employees have a better state of mind. Most of the health care advisors suggest that regular workout can act as a stress reliever by boosting endorphins in the body.

It’s all about being healthy both inside and outside. Regular workouts keep you healthy inside, and it reflects on your physical health as well. Having a gym setup at office is a plus to promote wellbeing of employees.

If you feel that you are missing out something just because of your peaky office space, it’s high time to think of altering your office space. If getting everything right seems to be impossible, just move into an office space that already has everything.

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