Want to learn how to continue a conversation with a guy after you started talking with him? Trying too hard might feel a little forced, but trying too less might lose you points as well. What should you do?

Read on to learn how to continue a conversation with a guy!

Step 1: Pick up verbal cues.

I hope you were listening when the guy you're talking to shared how much he enjoyed skiing because that is exactly where you need to continue the conversation from. Why?

Well, obviously, skiing is the topic which he has a lot to say about. If you want to keep the conversation flowing, then you need to tap into the subjects that he seemed to like. If you weren't listening, then you run the risk of losing his interest altogether.

Step 2: Build rapport early on.

The burden of continuing the communication does not always have to fall on you. If you have successfully built rapport between the two of you, then the guy will naturally want to continue talking with you. He'll be the one coming up with a new topic should you two exhaust all others.

To build rapport, find out similarities between the two of you and focus talking more about that. You could also "mirror" his body language. That means when he scratches his arms or does a certain expression, you copy his actions; but do it in a very subtle and non-obvious way.

Step 3: Find a new subject of interest.

A great way on how to continue a conversation with a guy is to point out something interesting near you.

If you two are at a party and you spotted a group of performers getting ready in the corner, call his attention on it. That way, you two have something new to talk about - something that you both can see and comment on.

Step 4: Avoid long periods of dead air.

Awkward silences can't always be avoided. When this happens, don't panic. However, don't drift off into la-la land for too long or you'll lose your conversation partner.

Instead, smile and offer him something to eat or drink. That should give you enough time to get back in the game.

Step 5: Listen to radio or TV talk show hosts.

If you want to learn how to continue a conversation with a guy, then listen to your favorite talk show hosts on the radio or TV. These people are the experts when it comes to the art of conversing with others. Take note of how they ask questions and apply them when you have the chance.

With these tips, you now know how to continue a conversation with a guy. Still, the best way for you to master the art of communication is through practice. Find someone to talk to right now and you'll be unstoppable in no time!

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