As Entrepreneurs, we all need to communicate constantly, whether in person, via mail, chat or presentations. It is imperative to be clear, compelling and responsive as possible. People find it difficult to connect when what is clear to you may be unclear to your clients. All the great leaders have one thing in common-their outstanding leadership skills. Now the question is how to communicate effectively –
Never underestimate the power of non-verbal communication
According to a study, non-verbal communication is a major contributor of how an audience perceived a presenter. That means you need to pay special attention to non-verbal cues while presenting yourself. Adopt proper posture, avoid folding arms, maintain eye-contact and no slouching.
Don’t divert the minds by relying on visual aids
Steve jobs had forbidden the use of PowerPoint presentation. According to him, visual aids hinder rather than help communication. Use better arms to put forward your viewpoint such as use impressive words, compelling story telling and non-verbal cues to support your take.
Seek honest feedback
In order to become better communicator, it is critical to receive honest feedbacks from peers, managers, team and clients. If you regularly work to solicit feedback, it will help you to figure out areas for improvement.
Interaction is the key
If you will keep boasting about your idea, product or service, rather than engaging audience in discussion, the interest will be lost somewhere. Encourage people to present their thoughts or ask the audience a question. The idea is to stimulate the audience in every way.
Take care of key points
The best way to have a clear communication is to make sure you employ key points at the very beginning and at the end. This can be easily achieved by providing attendees with a one-pager that includes key points audience should consider.
Master the art of timing
Have you ever wondered why these standup comedians are effective communicators? Because they have mastered the art of timing. Sense of great timing means knowing when to move on to a new topic and when to reiterate the idea.
No cramming
Write down the series of things you are intended to discuss but do not memorize word for word. Go with the flow. This trick will allow you to cover all the important aspects while providing flexibility as to how to communicate based on audience reaction. Entrepreneurs should adopt an extemporaneous speaking style. It is a more natural way of communication. Though it takes practice but it can help with audience engagement.
Know your target audience
It is must to know your target audience before words coming out of your mouth. Each audience will have different choices, cultural norms and preferences. If your audience understand simple words, there is no point to be verbose.
Add story or something funny
Instead of taking examples from routine, situations, it is better to add some sort of novel event. It has to be something catches people by surprise.
Be a listener
This is one of the most important things to follow. Listen more than you talk.

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