A question like how to coach soccer needs an answer as simple as the questions itself but we must make efforts to find a precise one. This is even more important with respect to soccer coaching because keeping the players motivated all the time is a lot tougher than it seems.

Let me tell you 5 simple tips that’ll help you improve your team’s performance significantly, when followed religiously.

1. Always plan comprehensively: Your planning should be careful and detailed for you to succeed in coaching young players. Before deciding on anything, sit and have discussions with your players, set your goals and objectives as well as the timelines. If the desired results are not achieved within the stipulated timelines, your team’s growth is hampered.

Once you’ve finalized the plan, remain committed to it but allow flexibility for minor adjustments. Even the best plans need modifications due to unanticipated situations.

2. Practice sessions should be a whole lot of fun: Boring and repetitive training drills are bound to bring down the enthusiasm of young players when performed regularly. This can be done a lot of ways. For example: make it a ritual to allow some time after practice to let the kids indulge in games and activities so that they can relax and enjoy playing casually.

3. Freedom and Discipline should be exercised together: For a coach, discipline in the team should always be a priority. However, you must also understand that freedom and some respite from control is as important as the respect for rules. Don't underestimate the value of freedom and relaxation in teaching soccer.

Between the drills, leave some time for the players to relax, share time with each other or simply unwind. In preaching how to coach soccer, it is also extremely important to venture out with the kids on a picnic or an outdoor get together.

4. Be Supportive and tolerant: Always inspire the team to experiment on new things and when they make mistakes, be tolerant. Keep scrutinizing their activities. At times, if the mistake is grave, take action to correct it but without making the kids pay for it.

Know that when you punish, the players get distraught while being compassionate and encouraging leads to good ideas and positive energy.

5. Balance things: It is in training sessions that kids get to know about their soccer skills and inherent talent. It is well known that when we talk of a team, there are bound to be players of different calibers; the good, bad, and worst. As a coach, it is your duty to use your best players to inspire and motivate the others.

Befriend the good and bad players together so that stay with each other maximum and share the techniques during and after the sessions. It is also important that there are no comparisons drawn out amongst players at any point in time.

It must now be your aim to use these techniques in your training sessions to improve the strategies about how to coach soccer.

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