how to clean makeup sponges
Coconut oil attacks again! It looks as if Coconut oil is used for these days. Hair mask, make-up removal, face display, and so on. I have kept myself here (even here) and I'm 100 percent of it! I eat the type of coconut oil, especially as a moisturizer. Today, though, we're changing the gears a bit.

There are two main factors in the importance of clear bright skin: daily cleaning of skin, and clean makeup brush! When different makeup products, and your skin's natural oil accommodation are allowed to sit on your bridges, they promote bacterial ports. Each time you brush around make-up products, every time you move dirty, dead skin cells and bacteria in the throat in the nasty. Clear your brush brush to clean, clean the luminescent skin and increase the length of your make-up product. Your makeup brush (and make-up products makeup) can cause all the fall of acne; the founder of every woman is found. So brush them, clear the girls!

I have to accept, I have not always been good about cleaning my makeup brush. When I regularly start cleaning them, I see improvement in my skin. Good flow!

How often do you clean your makeup brush? It depends on what kind of products you use and you store your brush. If you keep your brush brush on your bathroom fence, or if you use liquid base, clean your brush at least one week. This is better afternoon, the shadow of the eye can go brush for a while. I am sorry to hear from you. Please reply to the message below.
How to clean your pot with oil.
You will need:
Coconut oil 2 spoon (liquid shape)
3 spoon fresh lemon juice
Small bowl
Clean clothes or paper towers (to dry)

Coconut oil tea spoon and a lemon juice juice juice in a small bowl. If Coconut oil gets stronger, Microwave wants to take it 40 seconds. Brush around the mixture of your makeup Coconut oil and lemon. The makeup will immediately get out of the bristles. Brush well with hot water with a clean cloth or paper towel. Set the clean cloth to eliminate air drying. Read more:
+ If you take some oil from your brush, just a little lemon bread. To break acid oil. Lose well with water!
You can use this mixture to clean your eyelashes! Mix on your moisture of coconut oil and lemon, mix moisture on your chloride on moisture and joker, eyes and bacteria. Dry water and dry.
Coconut oil extracts all the old makeup and bacteria of briteria, and lemon juice helps to kill nasty bacteria; basically your brush / crane disposing. It's just easy! No pain regret

Will you ever leave your hair shampoo and conditioner? Never
Why do you brush high and dry (dry, non-synthetic) brushes? They look so much in their hair than anything else in the composition.
In addition, when natural disasters are hungry and dry, it affects how apples apply. Therefore, with regular cleaning for hygiene, do not forget their condition.
"The Bristles will be reduced and break short, and your long life (your brush length) will be long", said the artist artist and Au V's founder, Succi.

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