A rug can have a significant effect on the design and the appearance f a room. If you have an exotic rug, it serves as a great conversation piece while a simple rug ties a room together. While getting the right rug can make the room sing, consequently the wrong rug can make the whole room fall apart and unattractive. It is therefore very important to ensure that you get the right rug for your house. Below are some tips that you can use to ensure that you settle for the right rug.

Have a working budget.
With the wide variety of rugs in the market, their prices may vary depending on the size, quality, and other contributing factors. As much as you may want the best rug in the market, it may not always fit in your budget. It goes without saying that you are more likely to go for a rug that is the best quality but without the funds, you will be stressing yourself for nothing. Have a budget in mind and get the best rug that fits the budget.

Look out for the right size.
To get the best rug results, your first consideration should be the dimensions. If you get a rug that is too big for the room it will have the same appearance as someone wearing an oversized sweater. Similarly, an undersized rug appears like a tall person wearing short pants. Basically, it does not look proportional.
When choosing a rug ensure you get one that leaves 25-inch space between it and the wall. This consideration helps in domination of the space. The bigger the room, the more space should be left between the rug and the wall.

Choose the right color.
The color of the rug you buy should go hand in hand with the theme of your interior. That is, it should be in line with the seats, curtains as well as the walls of the room. Getting a rug that matches your theme makes the room look rich and appealing. It enlivens the house.
If you have a plan to upgrade your furniture, it would be recommendable to go for a neutral rug that would suit any furniture color.

Make your mind up on where to buy your rug.
Before you buy your rug, it is important to do some research on the different stores and get to know which stores offer a wide variety to choose from and at the best market rates. Shopping around for rugs ensures that you get to settle for the preferred texture. If you are not sure, it is recommended that you should seek the assistance of a rug expert that will help you determine the right match for your room and décor.

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