In a cleaning company, it is your sales representative who will define with you the means to implement to meet your needs. The proposal you will receive will cover all the items you want to keep clean, including:

• The cleaning itself;
• Replacement of sanitary supplies (toilet paper, soap, hand towels, etc.);
• Complementary missions (dry leaching, treatment of fragile soils, window cleaning, etc.).

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How does the local cleaning company quote?

Each cleaning company will answer you after requesting a certain amount of information allowing you to draw up an estimate in full knowledge of the facts. Thus, it will be up to you to indicate the type of surface that you want to have cleaned (offices, factory, parking, etc.), the frequency of cleaning required and the surface of the premises concerned. You will also need to specify the time of the cleaning crew: rather during the day or at night?

These questions are particularly helpful to the cleaning company. Indeed, if your premises are offices, or receive from the public, they will require more frequent maintenance than an isolated industrial site, or a car park, for example.

The cleaning company whose estimate will have caught your attention will then carry out a visit and an audit of the premises, in order to become acquainted with the specificities of the place to be cleaned, as well as any possible difficulties of intervention. It will be able to size and compose, in the most efficient way possible, the cleaning team in charge of your offices.

Why choose a cleaning company over another?

The costs of a cleaning company will naturally be lower if it happens to be based near your premises. The cost of transport cleaning agents is often borne by the company employing them, it is, in fact, reflected in the estimate. Thus, if your industrial site or your local business is in open country, you will probably receive more than a budget if you were based in a business park or in an industrial area easy to access.

After receiving quotes from different cleaning companies, do not hesitate to visit the website of each of them. You may be able to find important elements to gauge their professionalism, like their salary training process, their accreditations or the professional organizations of which they could be members.

A cleaning company also enjoys an online reputation. You can then search on the engine of your choice to determine whether the provider in question is receiving favorable or unfavorable feedback from its customers.

In the process of selecting a cleaning company, it is essential to compare prices. Make a quote request to a cleaning company to select the service provider that best meets your expectations.

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