The secret to changing minds is extremely simple. So simple, in fact, you are probably not doing it.
In order to change minds, you must first have a relationship with your prospect or client. That's it! You could simply stop reading at this point. You have been given the secret.

Still here?

The problem with most businesses is that they spend very little time cultivating these relationships. The relationship needs to be nurtured at every opportunity. Selling features and benefits or offering specials, does little to persuade or change minds. Unless you have a large majority of all of the potential business for your product or service, you are people who must be persuaded to do business with you. You have to change their minds in some way. This could be luring them from your competition or convincing them that they even have a problem or want that you can solve!

Sales is simply helping someone make a decision that benefits them! People purchase from people they know, like and trust. So think about that for a second. In order to know you, to like you and to trust you, they must have formed some kind of relationship with you!

There are a number of ways to do this. This quick blog post is not the format to give a comprehensive training on how, but you can probably figure out a few ways to do this, without much effort. One way to develop a relationship is to provide something of value without asking for something in return. A quick blog post, like this one is a great way to start creating a relationship. Another way is to thank people that are already doing business with you! There are unlimited possibilities here, but imagine for a moment if you developed such a good relationship with everyone you came in contact with, that they would be embarrassed NOT to call you first when they needed something you offered? Think about it!

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I have over 30 years of executive level success, leading, coaching and lecturing businesses of shapes, sizes and perspectives, I know what works....what does not.....and more importantly, can help YOU find the right answer for YOUR business. I have never been part of the herd....and earned the title, “corporate renegade”. I am a former Marine Corp Staff Sergeant and have the management experience to motivate your sales team and assist you in growing your business.

In the Aviation world, I have earned the title, “Blackbelt Aviator”. My experience has let me serve the legal and aviation community by providing expert testimony and litigation support. My focus is on pilots looking to become professional pilots, professional pilots who are looking for peer to peer coaching and aircraft owners who care about the family and friends that they fly.