Cheating online is an equal offence to any other type of dishonesty so it should not be treated lightly. In fact it involves the desire of the cheater of making some emotional relationship with someone other than his spouse by contacting her online. Cheating is getting progressively worse among monogamous couples but non existent among swinger couples. If you are suspicious about your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend then you can easily catch him/her red handed by following the tips provided here under.


  1. Study their ways of using internet for this purpose


Chat rooms are used by billions of people all over the world for communicating with others including their friends, business associates and flirting with members of opposite sex. Most of the online cheating spouses usually chat only with the members of opposite sex while using their chat rooms. In order to catch your dishonest spouse you will have to be vigilant in finding the chat rooms used by him/her. Along with knowing the chat rooms he/she visits the most, you will also have to know about the chatting methods used by him/her. After getting all this information you can also join those chat rooms easily to collect evidence against someone who cheats on you online.


Some people have also started to use social networking sites for cheating their spouse or friends online. You can keep an eye on the online activities of your spouse if he/she has an account on any of the social networks like Facebook etc. You should also open your account on the same network and look on the ways he/she appears and behaves online along with his/her manner of interaction with online contacts on these networks. You can also open fake account on these networks, if you do not want to reveal your online identity to anyone. "Location tagging’ and "check ins’ are some of the options available on social networks which can help you in tracking the activities of your spouse. You can locate his/her present location through these options, for instance, whether he/she is at some bar or any other place where you can not expect him/her to visit. You can easily do this and once you successfully track his/her exact location then that would reveal many more things. Once you track his/her location, you need to carefully analyze the situation to find out how true your spouse is.


  1. Use of another computer not owned by either of you two


Mostly people use the computers of their associates or friends for cheating someone online. It is considered to be the safest method to cheat online with anyone as the computer does not belong to the cheater. If you suspect your spouse for his ill intentions then you can catch him/her by visiting the chat room at the usual time when he/she visits. You may use your fake account for this purpose so that you may not be recognized by your spouse. In this way you will be able to keep an eye on his/her online activities even by using someone else’s computer.


  1. Use your fake identity to flirt with him/her


You can contact your spouse through your fake identity to attract his/her attention by showing your intention to develop relationship with him/her. For this purpose you can use all the techniques normally used for flirting with others. You can ask about his/her marital status or any other relationship and instigate him/her to chat with you privately, if he/she replies negatively. In this way you will be able in getting evidence of his/her being dishonest with you. But if he/she answers positively then instead of being nervous you can ask whether his/her spouse knows about his/her relation with you. Normally cheaters deny in this respect. Then, to have evidence in your favor, you can invite him/her to meet at some safe place to have fun. If he/she replies affirmatively then what else you want to prove his/her dishonesty.


  1. Find if there is anything strange with your spouse


You can check the documents and registers of your spouse to find something peculiar or unexpected on them. You may find some unusual name or any other thing on some file. You can also go through normal looking folders to find anything which can prove his online dishonesty with you. In most of the online cheating cases a little trail of evidence found from cheater’s documents became a solid evidence against them.


Thus you can easily catch someone who is cheating you online if you are a bit alert about it.

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