Dubai is a global shopping hub – traveling enthusiasts make long trips to the metropolis just to spend a ludicrous amount of money on goods. The massive variety isn’t the only attraction, but the cheaper rates and no government taxes also bring in swarms of people from all parts of the world.

Haggle Unapologetically
If you are not accustomed to bargaining, then let the Gold Souk of Dubai be your playground. Here several vendors are adorned in yellow gold and diamond jewelry – it is almost like a flea market, except the diamonds are real. Bear in mind that the sellers here tend to hike their products’ price at a ridiculous rate – since they expect people to bargain. Only foreigners who are unaware of this practice, tend to get ripped off. Thus, if you are planning on buying diamonds from the Gold Souk, do not shy away from haggling to bring down the price to fifty percent, and continue lowering it until the shopkeeper gives in. Gold Souk of Dubai is more famous for traditional styles of jewelry – hence, if you are not fond of Indian-style jewelry then this place may not appeal to you.

Online Websites
These cater to an international market, that is why it will be easier for you to purchase a more modern diamond ring from there. Online websites like this one have stunning diamond rings within the range of 500 to 6,000 USD. All types of settings – bezel, channel, pave, micro pave, or solitaire is designed here. You can also get a customized ring made. Websites sell certified diamonds – always ask for the authentic document in any case! Pay 5% of the product price in advance and enjoy an excellent quality diamond ring without paying the additional taxes!

The Gold and Diamond Park
This state of the art shopping mall is well-suited for foreigners who loathe haggling, shopping in the open, and browsing through endless options. The Gold and Diamond Park is an air-conditioned mall specifically dealing with ornaments. Diamond rings are only displayed as samples and you will have to wait to get your ring after you confirm your order. Most people love getting a customized ring from here or even getting their old diamond rings fixed at an incredibly cheap rate. The retailers and craftsmen are highly skilled and amiable: thus they gladly make any amendments to your ring until you get exactly what you want!

This Dubai outlet has a fusion of modern and traditional Dubai designs – thus, expect more yellow gold, but with a sleek setting and stylish shapes of the diamond. They also have an online website for easier browsing. Diamond rings sold here are also fairly cheaper than what is seen in international markets.

Established in 1907, the brand has become highly popular internationally. But their prices remain true to the rates in Dubai – which are significantly lower than the global market. Thus, adding to the brand’s popularity. Currently dealing with jewelry in 300 different countries, Damas jewelers pride themselves on their excellent craftsmanship and eye for detail. Pieces sold at Damas are impeccable and eye-catching. The prices are sure to swiftly seal the deal!

The Dubai Mall
One of the main tourist attractions, the Dubai Mall is often crowded. But finding cheap jewelry stores, unless they are from local brands, is rare. Most high-end brands are found here and if they are already available in your hometown then you must already be aware of what they offer. The upside is that at the Dubai Mall, they are sold without taxes – although overheard charges may apply.

Buy Loose Diamonds
The cheapest alternative is buying loose diamonds and getting a customized ring made. But know that loose diamonds in Dubai are sold in sealed packs and you are not allowed to inspect or open them until you’ve purchased them. This often makes the buyer dubious, even though all diamonds are sold with a verified certificate.

Even though Dubai has a massive international appeal for its surprisingly low prices, buyers still tend to be skeptical about a few practices. The practice of ramping up the prices at Gold Souk, only to encourage haggling doesn’t make sense to most foreigners – thus, discouraging them from buying from the vendors.

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