Bitcoin originated in 2008 from an experiment developed by scientists and specialists. In 2009, the first transaction could be made online with this digital currency, without the intervention of a bank. The first version was developed by an anonymous inventor (s) called "Satoshi Nakamoto".

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is both a crypto currency, the Bitcoin currency, and a global payment system. It is the first digital currency with which goods or services can be bought and traded. It is the first decentralized digital currency that works without the intervention of a bank or other intermediary or agency. The network is person-to-person (peer-to-peer) and the transactions between persons take place directly through the use of special cryptographic software without the intervention of a third party.

All transactions are verified by a network of nodes based on the consensus model (majority of votes) and stored in a publicly distributed ledger called the block chain.

Benefits Bitcoins

Compared to other currencies, Bitcoins has a number of advantages.

  • Bitcoins are transferred directly from person to person via the internet without the intervention of a bank or clearing house. That means that the fee costs are much lower.
  • The currency is the same for everyone. 1 Bitcoin is the same in China as 1 Bitcoin in the America.
  • A major advantage of the decentralized nature of Bitcoin / crypto currency is that transactions can be executed faster.
  • You can use them in any country.
  • If you are a miner, you can earn Bitcoins as well.
  • In principle it is anonymous. (But there are now ways to find out a Bitcoin address.)
  • Your account cannot be frozen.
  • And there are no prior conditions or restrictions.

How can I buy Bitcoin?

Many people wonder how I can buy a Bitcoin. Bitcoin are basically obtained by mining. With a lot of computer power you can mine the Bitcoin yourself. Fortunately, you don't have to mine yourself to invest in Bitcoins. There are various platforms to buy Bitcoin from. Many websites or brokers online can help you buy Bitcoin directly without any additional cost.

The most important thing before buying is to decide your next step. Do you want to trade the Bitcoin against other coins? Or do you want to hold Bitcoin for a longer period of time? If you want to hold Bitcoin for a longer period of time, the most secure option is to buy bitcoin with apple pay and create a soft or hardware wallet and send your Bitcoin there.

If you want to pay with credit card, choose a platform that meets your needs. Otherwise you can also buy bitcoin with apple pay. The fee and Bitcoin prices are easy to compare online and

Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin?

Nobody knows what the future will bring us, not with shares and therefore not with Bitcoins. What we do know is that Bitcoin is growing in popularity and that investors are also increasingly interested in it. But because of the large exchange rate fluctuations of the Bitcoin against the traditional currencies such as the dollar and the euro, it is very risky.

Therefore, only invest money that you can afford to miss!

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Misty Jhones