If you are a passionate skateboarder then anything will not work for you. You definitely have some requirements and the skateboard should match it. There are some important things as well which you can keep in mind while buying a skateboard. After all, there are so many options and choosing an ideal one can be a little confusing.
The best thing is to research and study all the various skateboard models available in today’s market. The skater should consider all the factors to determine the most appropriate and best skateboard for personal use. Here are a few ways that can help you make your purchase worthwhile.

Experience: Experienced skaters know that when it comes to choosing a good skateboard you should first analyze where and how you will ride. Experienced people should also check the information online and read reviews that are genuine and not fake to make a viable choice. Those who are beginners should invest in skateboards that are reasonably priced and easy to control. It is because you first have to get used to the skateboard and learn to balance as well as control it in a proper way to avoid accidents.

Skating Style: As an experienced skater, one knows one’s style of skating. Some ride in streets and verts while others prefer to cover long distances. Depending on how and where the skater rides, the skateboard should be purchased.

Individual’s Height and Weight: Each skateboard is designed to accommodate the skater’s height and weight. If it doesn’t accommodate to your height and weight then the skateboard can break and it may result in accidents.

Deck: The deck’s shape and size are designed keeping in mind about rider’s style and area. Skaters of streets should select skateboards with decks (7.5-8-inch). People riding in parks and pools must select decks (8 inches). Beginners should choose decks (width: 8-inch length: 30-inch).

Wheels: Street skaters should opt for skateboards with small wheels of 49-52 mm. These light-weight wheels help to flip while skating. Those skaters interested in traveling large distances should select skateboards with wheels of 54-52 mm.

Here the different types of skateboards available in today’s market.
Regular: These skateboards are suitable for most skaters into performing tricks. These are ideal for riding up ramps and skating over obstacles on the streets and skate parks. Regular skateboards’ decks are tablet shaped with varying widths and lengths. Also, these decks have a tail and raised the nose. The wheels are small and hard such that riders can skate on hard and smooth surfaces.

Complete Skateboard: These are pre-built with all necessary parts and accessories in-tact. All skaters including beginners can purchase and enjoy skating on a complete skateboard. It can be customized as well.

Cruisers Complete: These skateboards are ideal for skaters traveling over great distances or those who travel on a regular basis. Cruisers skateboards’ decks are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of the decks have a tail that enables the rider to overcome obstacles while traveling. The mini-skateboards have a length of 22 inches. The 59 mm sized wheels of Cruisers Complete skateboards are made of soft polyurethane for moving on rough surfaces.

Custom Skateboard: Individuals who are intermediate or advanced skaters can make their own personalized skateboards. Experienced skaters can select material for the board, the size of the wheels and more.

Electric skateboards: Currently, many cities have electric cars and vehicles on the road. In this modern era, motorized skateboards are becoming a common and popular mode of transport. Even children can ride these skateboards made just for them. It also allows children to enjoy outdoor activity.

Below is a list of recommended good quality skateboards available in the market as of 2018:

Regular and Complete Skateboards:
KPC Pro Skateboard for Budget-friendly
Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon for Overall - Editor’s Pick
PUENTE 31-inch for Kids
Punisher Cherry Blossom for Girls
RockBirds Skateboards 31-inch Pro for Beginner Adults

Complete Cruiser Skateboard:

Ancheer 27-inch Skateboard for Wood Cruiser Skateboard
Merkapa 22-inch Skateboard for Beginners
Penny Australia Classic Use in the College Campus
Rimable 22-inch Skateboard for all
Skatro 22×6-inch Retro Style for Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Electronic Skateboards:
Fantom 1.0
Benchwheel Dual 1800w with speed 20mph.

When it comes to buying a skateboard there are myriads of things which one should pay attention to and here all the necessary details are discussed so the rider can make a perfect choice. Always analyze your needs and make a note of the significant reasons and points to ponder before purchasing the most suitable skateboard.

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Nethan Paul is an Art Lover, Guitarist - I live my daydreams in music and skating. I see my life in terms of music. I write and share my experience and life experience through my blog as well. With this article, he is trying to help skaters buy some best skateboard in 2018.