We are used to thinking of the skin as a simple "covering" of our body that needs "only" some cosmetic cream or small treatments to remedy ageing, prolonged exposure to the sun and atmospheric events.

Instead, the skin has the same importance as the internal organs, therefore it supervises the proper functioning of our entire organism and deserves appropriate medical-type care.
Unlike the other organs (kidneys, liver, heart etc.) the skin can be treated both from the outside with aesthetic medicine treatments and from the inside through adequate nutrition.

If you decide to take care of your skin, at Asti Clinic you will find qualified professionals ready to help you.
A specialist in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, is at your disposal to provide personalised advice on the most suitable medical-aesthetic treatments.

To prolong the positive effects of aesthetic treatments, however, it is necessary to act first from the "inside" with a correct diet.
Shivani Sikri a nutritionist, will be able to take care of your skin by helping you to detoxify the body

with foods and cooking methods that stimulate and adequately support liver activity, suggesting foods that promote renal activity for efficient drainage of toxins.

The skin is the mirror of our body
The skin, explains Dr. Binello, reflects the functionality of our organism therefore if all the organs function actively also the skin will be
bright, healthy and beautiful under the aesthetic profile. Feeding the organism completely with the contribution of all the fundamental nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) and the right amount of water (pure or derived from fruit and vegetables) is an authentic highway for beauty.

If you take Dr. Binello's advice not only periodically based on a "seasonal goal", but on a regular basis, you will achieve surprising results. In fact, the skin renews itself every 14-15 days and takes advantage of a continuous and balanced diet.

The "skin" diet
In short, the skin must be nourished like any other part of our body by introducing "friendly" substances such as selenium (found in fatty exits like salmon and in vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage), silicon (present in dried fruit and vegetables ), vitamins A and D (in milk and eggs), C (in citrus fruits, tomatoes and kiwi) and E (in strong concentration in the extra virgin olive oil consumed raw).

The most formidable enemies
The Binello nutritionist will also teach you how to defend yourself from the "enemies" of the skin or from the unbalanced diets that cause severe weight loss in a short time and that however cause the loss of muscle tone (an effect that affects the loss of skin tone).

It is in fact the lack of important nutrients to cause dull, non-tonic skin, and in the case of high-protein diets, for example, it can even lead to the appearance of hair due to the resulting hormonal imbalances.

How to intervene on imperfections
How do we intervene directly on aesthetic blemishes? In the medical center of Asti Dr. Spaziante resolves the imperfections of the upper part of the face using botulinum toxin, effective in reducing the effects of muscle contraction concentrated mainly on the forehead and around the eyes, where small wrinkles are formed that we know as "crow's feet ".

With just one session you can get an immediate improvement that will last up to 6 months. The same lasting effects occur with the use of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, which can be totally absorbed by the human organism that produces it.

The fillers
The fillers are used to fill the furrows, in particular those that go from the nose to the sides of the mouth and to restore the volumes of the face. Even in this case, a single session will be enough to be repeated approximately every six months.

Another technique that guarantees good results is revitalisation, which smoothes the small superficial wrinkles of the face in the area of ​​the cheeks and around the mouth; the complete cycle includes 6 sessions every 7-14 days to be repeated every 6-12 months.

Laser technology
At Asti Clinic, Dr. Spaziante also uses the laser technique useful for removing capillaries, for skin blemishes and for a general rejuvenation of the face. In this case the number of sessions varies according to the type of imperfection to be treated.

PRP treatment
Taking advantage of the properties of stem cells, it is also possible to undergo a "PRP" treatment, that is, with Platelet Enriched Plasma. The growth factors can be injected directly on the face to promote rejuvenation and also at hair level for thickening.

The peeling
Another treatment often requested from Dr. Spaziante is peeling, ie the exfoliation and removal of the superficial layers of the skin of the face through some specific acids appropriately dosed and applied.

The choice of treatment is agreed after a careful visit, at the end of which a personalised program is defined.

Integrated approach for enduring results
To summarise, the suggestion is to adopt the aesthetic and nutritional approach in an integrated way, thus obtaining an indispensable tool to achieve an optimal result.

Attention to these two aspects will allow you to effectively reduce the signs of ageing and stress that compromise the quality of your skin.

Author's Bio: 

Shivani Sikri (Chief Nutritionist & Co-Founder, NUTRI4VERVE)

Offers intelligent diet plans for weight loss through Lifestyle Management (work routines, time constraints, eating habits, meal preferences, travel Schedules, genetics & therapeutic / family medical history) made afresh and fulfilling specific demands of clients. She offers Indian Versions of Keto Diets, Paleo diets, and other fat targeting diets so that the fat loss is everlasting and easily attainable by eating only your home cooked food.

Nutri4Verve recommends a 12-week dietary plan for Weight Loss diets, therapeutic diets with emphasis on Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD/ PCOS, Post Pregnancy and Lipid Imbalances and others.

She has been Awarded – “Best Dietician in Delhi” at International Healthcare Summit & Awards and was winner of India’s biggest Healthcare Awards popularly known as Healthcare Oscars of India – “Superstar : Excellence in Diet & Nutrition” at Indian Health Professional Awards.