Most people who make a decision to get started with a home business do not have a marketing budget. This is why they need to start with free or low cost marketing strategies. Article Marketing can be an effective strategy, if you do it right. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to become an expert author.

Step One: Build Your Value –If you struggle to come up with article ideas or something of value to write about, that means you are a person of low value.
This is not a big deal. No one was born into this world with any value. We came in with the attitude of “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!” Most people never grow out of this selfish attitude because they are either trying to survive, or just trying to get by.
So the first step is to build your value. If you do this by only reading books, that can take a long time. You can build your value quickly by watching a short valuable video every day. You can do this by searching for an expert every day on YouTube and watching one valuable video each day.
Here is a list of experts to get you started:
Jim Rohn
Zig Ziglar
Les Brown
John Maxwell
Anthony Robbins
Dale Carnegie
Brian Tracy
Napolean Hill

Step Two: Create Valuable Content – Take what you learned in your valuable video and create a audio training at Record your conference call training. It does not have to be a long training. The key is putting what you learned into your own words so it will be unique and original content.
Step Three: Write Your Valuable Article - Listen to your recording and pause it after each statement, so you can write what you said.
Step Four: Submit Your Valuable Article – Submit your article to a directory that has spell check and will reject your article if it has too many errors. Nobody will take you seriously if you write like you are illiterate.
Step Five: Be Consistent – Consistency is the key to success to anything in life. Follow this simple process and create one valuable article each day.
There are some other intangible benefits that you will gain by following this simple system.
1. You will become more confident.
2. You will get rid of your stinkin’ self-defeating thinkin’.
3. You will become more efficient at writing articles (It will become easy)
Also you can apply this strategy to different niches. Just search for valuable videos from experts in specific industries.

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Much Success,
Jeremiah Carstarphen a.k.a. The Cartoon Coach
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