The internet has given everyone a very big opportunity to become entrepreneurs, own and run their own business. All you need is a connection to the internet and you are on your way to become an online entrepreneur.

It gets better than that. When it comes to being online entrepreneur, no one cares about who you are, where you come from and your level of education. All that matter is what you can do and the value you add. I am very certain, if you are reading this article right now, you dont care about who I am but the value of the information you are reading. That is just how the internet works. If you can add value, you can make it.

But there are certain things you need to know to become successful as online entrepreneur. I have seen people start up online business and within 3 months they give up. I keep asking myself why? From my observation, it is down to placing too much expectation too fast. So here are things you need to be a successful online entrepreneur.

1. Be willing to take risk

If you are afraid of losing, then becoming an online entrepreneur or becoming entrepreneur at all is not for you. As much as there is possibility for things to go the way you plan, it may not also go the way you plan. It may be slower than you ever imagine. You may even fail at your first online venture. So be willing to risk your TIME and resources. Success does not come when you sit in your comfort zone.

I advice you read this article: 3 Things You May Not Have Heard About Taking Risks.

2. Learn to be patience

A lot of uninformed people seem to believe that internet entrepreneurship is magic! You open online shop today, tomorrow it becomes viral and you become rich! You open a blog today and in a month everyone is reading it. NO!!!! That is a lie. It takes time and effort to get there!
If you try to be too fast, you may get into trouble. There is something called blackhart method, It is all about getting up there fast, if you try it you will definitely get into trouble with search engines like Google and be taken for spam!

So get a good plan down and follow through. Unless you have a very big budget to speed things up, otherwise be patience. Online business is like real business! It takes time to build trust and customer base!

3. Choose what you are passionate about

When you venture into online entrepreneurship, it is very important to go in the direction that you are passionate about. So you dont get tired and bored so fast.

At times when things are not working as planned, you need that extra motivation to keep you going and that is passion. You can find different options to focus on as online entrepreneur in this article: How to make money online. Be sure to pick only things you are passionate about.

4. Be consistence

Consistency is very important if you want to be successful as an internet entrepreneur. You need to keep up doing it always. You never know when that big break will come, that is why you have to keep on. The more consistency you have, the more trust you earn. No one trusts people that are in-consistence!

5. Be willing to learn

You have to be willing to learn. Look for people in your field or niche. Learn how they become successful. Search for materials. Learn! Everyday, information changes. Keep learning!

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