After working hard to get on top, you managed to get promoted and grab the managerial position. You feel like celebrating then realized that being a manger is not easy. New tasks and responsibilities await you and you are required to make important decisions being the head of the office or of a department. Being a manager does not mean that you only sit, relax and drink a cup of coffee. This position is more than just reading newspapers or giving instructions to your subordinates.

As a manger, decisions that are sometimes difficult to make should be given by you after carefully weighing things and factors affecting the subject being decided upon. Data gathered and presented should be not be taken for granted but instead be considered important. The manager will be responsible for the result of the decisions he make. No matter how trivial an issue inside their department might be, a manager should give importance to it and carefully resolve it.

The managerial position is really not easy and problems inside the office can give headache to you being the boss. But then, there are ways to become a successful manager and lessen the burden brought about by your position.

1.) Be yourself and stick to your principles.
Your own personality including your intellect and leadership has made you on top so remain the same and don’t be such an airhead. Don’t act like you already own the whole company and that you’re the best among everyone else just because you got the position you sought for. Avoid being to manipulative but continue to stick to your principles.
2.) Set clear objectives and goals.
Set goals and objectives you want your company or department to achieve for the next 5 to 10 years. Ask opinion of your co-workers and consider their suggestions in making plans for the success of the company as a whole. Know what direction you wan to take and let everyone know about it so you can come up with the best goals, directions and objectives for the good of the company.
3.) Communicate often with your subordinates.
It is still very important to communicate with your co-workers. Not because you’re already a manager, you think you should stop talking or bonding with them. You can set a limit during office hours but after office you should remain the same way you are before and go out with them. Accept criticisms and suggestions from people around you because these can help you make right decisions and balance things out.
4.) Learn to listen.
You don’t need to have excellent scholastic record to be a good manager. You only need to learn to decide well, set plans to bring good future for the company and most importantly, you need to learn how to listen. Accept all suggestions, feedbacks and comments that you think are important for the success of the company.
5.) Take responsibility for your actions and decisions.
You might make wrong decisions at times but you can always learn from your mistakes. Consider it a wonderful experience and whatever happens take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Remember one of your responsibilities as a manager is to produce productive results and good outcomes. Stay positive, take one step at a time and keep your feet on the ground.

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