Become a mind body fitness teacher…If you are curious about the subject or if you dream of it, then this article will please you and answer your questions…

What does this idea mean to you?

  • Is this an idea that you find a bit absurd: you already have a job and you practice mind body fitness just for fun and for your personal development and your own spirituality? On the other hand, it would interest you, out of simple curiosity, to know a little more about this job which intrigues you quite a bit ...
  • Is this an idea that has crossed your mind sometimes but that you haven't really explored yet?
  • Is this a long-term project that you have? You have set yourself a time during which you will continue to learn and train and you want to start teaching in 5 years, 10 years ...?
  • Is this a project that is close to your heart but that you have not yet determined a date for carrying it out?
  • Or have you already made your decision and it only remains for you to take your courage in both hands, find THE ideal mind body fitness certification and start your journey of initiation?

Whatever your situation and whatever your desires and your plans, I wanted to tell you a little (in fact a lot!) More about the profession of mind body fitness teacher who has become mine, after two years of wandering and suffering in an office…

So, I'm going to give you some leads to better understand this job.




When it comes to being ready to teach mind body fitness, the trigger is more in your heart and in your guts. And not so much in your brain or in your body, for once!

One day you just want to give back some of the gift that mind body fitness has given you by sharing it around you, because you feel so happy that mind body fitness has helped you so much.

It may sound cliché like that, but I'm sure some of you have experienced the same thing ...

In fact, it is not after a certain number of years of practice that you are automatically ready to teach mind body fitness!

For some of us, it may take a few years of practice (2 to 5 years for example) to understand that we want to give mind body fitness a central place in our personal, but also professional, life.


In some cases, if you are still practicing in the same studio, your teacher may one day ask you:

Hey, by the way, have you ever thought about taking a training course to become a teacher?

And there, you may have a little moment of panic, like:

Huh? Uh? But why me? Oh but no, I'm not ready yet…

Or maybe, it will on the contrary make you a little tilt in the brain:

But yes, it's true, my teacher is right, well I will watch the training offered this evening…

Either way, the time between when the idea starts to sprout in your head and the time you send an email to the studio to sign up for training can either be very quick or take a lot, a long time. You can also contact us to clear your confusion.

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