Egoists are not strong leaders, in my opinion, the leader is the one who shows activity in protecting the interests of the entire collective, he himself puts himself into the situation when he is the voice of the whole collective, in fact, taking the blow, it's just worth considering that the moment that the leader speaks for everyone, and therefore must know the general mood of the team and each member personally. Those. the main quality of the leader is responsibility, which is the most important responsibility for any team, although there is of course only one responsibility, otherwise you will become a driving horse instead of a leader, an active position is needed, both in interaction with people who have this or that attitude to the team, and in solving the interests of the team, otherwise I can not say anything concrete and I think that everyone can become a leader, but for this he must develop an optimal line of conduct for himself.

It's also worth mentioning that the leader is a fairly broad concept that everyone will interpret in their own way. I can single out 3 options for leadership: Group leader, opinion leader, situational leader.

The leader of the group is the classical representation of the leader, the person who leads the group with him. Олег Андриенко, will tell how to become a true leader in the team.

The leader of the opinion - a person whose opinion has a very strong weight, they may well not be the leader of the group, and some quiet guy about whom everyone knows that his bowler is cooking, and therefore he is listened to and his opinion has enough weight to influence on the whole team and undermine the authority of the leader of the group, or even be a gray cardinal in this team.

A situational leader is a natural interception of leadership in a cohesive team when in a specific situation the leader turns out to be a concrete person, when something breaks, the one who repairs is the main authority in the matter of repairing, the necessary costs and planning the issue of avoiding further breakdowns.

Actually a good leader should understand that he can not alone pull everything for everyone, and therefore should help to reveal himself as a situational leader to those who are better at something than him and always have great respect for any opinion having a strong influence on the group.

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