Unlike the general notion that dentists are doctors of the teeth, dentists are actually health professionals who help in the care of gums, teeth and auxiliary bones of a person’s mouth.
For dentists, job descriptions and careers involve treating anything and everything that happens to teeth, gums and other supporting bones of the mouth.

Conditions or diseases which a qualified dentist can help with are as follows:
Filling dental cavities
Whitening teeth
Treating gum based diseases
Root canal operations
Treating sores, swelling and other diseases
Check for general diseases of the body
Teeth straightening

Dentists work with patients in providing dental healthcare guidance and solutions.
Dentists require dental x-rays when general methods don’t have the scope of revealing the exact aspects. They examine anesthesia during their work, if needed.

As our body has parts which are interrelated to each other, there are many diseases which display signs via the condition of teeth and gums. So, dentists are qualified to check for such general diseases of an individual’s body.


Bachelors in dentistry can help you become a dentist (after getting the necessary license), but masters in dentistry is a major step in terms of learning, capabilities and the employment scope. Dental colleges offer DDS and DMD degrees which form the steps in this field.

Career Growth

Dentists can specialize into many areas which can help them become:
Oral surgeons
Oral pathologists
Prosthodontists etc.

With cosmetics booming, many dentists perform cosmetic operations related to teeth.

Job Scope

Most dentists are into private practice, wherein they open dentistry clinics. Some dentists combine private practice with offering their availability at hospitals and other medical set-ups as well. Government sector jobs are also up for grabs for dentists. A small portion of the dentistry fraternity move into the teaching field and work as professors. Pay scales are decent for dentists, but private practice is more of an individual’s capacity.

Apart from dentists, the field of dentistry has scope for dental assistants and dental hygienists working with them.

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