It's all about traffic, if you don't have people "eye-balling" your Web sites, blogs, Web pages, or advertisements then you have no potential customers. One of the main concepts of online marketing is building back links.
Backlinks are links from other Web sites that point back to your blogs, Web site, or other content. Search engines love back links because that help the search engines to see popularity and authority for a given site, and this helps your blog or Web site climb in the search ranking pages for any given search engine, especially with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Of course getting people to your content is only half the battle.

Once you get them there you have to "convert them," Rather, get the visitor to join, subscribe, become regular returning visitors, or purchase whatever it is your trying to share or sale. Converting gets into an entirely different subject called Copy Writing, which we'll get into in another article for the future. I've compiled a comprehensive list of free ways to market your content.

There are *TONS* of free ways to promote your content. To get you started, do a search on any of the following phrases (inside the quotes) to get a better feel for each, and start taking advantage of each of these free promoting avenues.
Hint: SEO can be very lucrative for "free traffic" to your website. There are many SEO forums and blogs out there that give plenty of free information.
Setup "Free blogs" and write about it.

Social bookmark" your blog's main page, and each page you write at your blogs. Submit your blog to "free blogger directories."(one time only)

Submit your blog or Web Site address to "free search engine submitters." (one time only) Submit your blog or Web site address to "free Web site directories." (one time only) Submit "free classified ads."

Write articles and submit them to "free article directories" (with a link back to your blog or Web site in your author bio).

Write press releases and submit then to "free press release" Web sites (with a link back to your blog or Web site in your contact information). Add your content link to your email signature.

Share your link with friends and family through targeted emails (no spamming) and word of mouth. Share you link at forums you frequent (stay on topic, no spamming).

Comment other peoples blogs (stay on topic, no spamming).
Happy Searching and surfing, and be sure to watch my
article listings here at Associated Content because I'll be breaking down each of these bulleted items and giving some more direct instruction how best to take advantage of each of these free promotion services.

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